Momentous events in history: April 8, 2017


Today is international Roma day.


Lazarus Saturday.

International Roma day.

The Celebration Of The Sobor Of The Archangel Gabriel.


1766 – Patented the first fire escape.

1944 – Began the Crimean strategic offensive operation the red Army during the great Patriotic war.

Born on this day:

1336 – Tamerlane, the Central Asian statesman, military leader.

1892 – Mary Pickford, American silent film star.

1912 – Sonja Henie, Norwegian figure skater, Olympic champion, and later American actress.

1938 – Kofi Annan, Ghanaian diplomat, 7th UN Secretary-General (1997-2006), Nobel laureate.

1964 – Nikita Mikhailovsky, the Soviet film and theater actor.


1492 – Lorenzo de ‘ Medici (the Magnificent) Italian statesman.

1835 – the Wilhelm von Humboldt German philologist, philosopher, linguist, statesman, diplomat.

1973 – Pablo Picasso, Spanish painter .

2013 – Margaret Thatcher, English politician and public figure, Prime Minister (1979-1990).


Alla, Anna, Gianna, Larissa, Stepan.

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