Momentous events in history: April 20, 2017


Today the Orthodox is celebrated on traditional beautiful spring holiday – the feast Day of St George, the Metropolitan Sitilenkova.


The feast day of St George, the Metropolitan Sitilenkova.

Akulinin day.

Navy day.


1841 Published the first literary history of the detective story “the murders in the Rue Morgue” By Edgar Allan PoE.

1843 issued a decree on the organization of resettlement of peasants in connection with the development of Siberia.

1920 ice Hockey — men’s ice hockey entered the Olympic programme.

Born on this day:

1796 Eugene Obolensky, the Russian Prince, Decembrist.

1808 Napoleon III, the President and last Emperor of France (1852-1870).

1850 Jean-françois raffaëlli was a French painter, engraver, Illustrator.

1889 Adolf Hitler, German political and military leader, the Fuhrer of Germany (1934-1945).

1943 Edie Sedgwick, American actress and model .


1912 – Bram Stoker, Irish writer, author of the novel “Dracula”.

1973 – Nikolai Simonov Soviet film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR.

1986 – Alexei Arbuzov was a Soviet playwright.

2008 – Leonid Linnik Soviet ophthalmologist, doctor of medical Sciences.


Akulina, Arcady, George, Daniel, Evdokia, Peter.

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