Momentous events in history: 9 June 2017


Today is the international day of friends.


International day of friends.

The international day of archives.

International accreditation day.


1847 On the orders of Tsar Nicholas I, Shevchenko was given to the soldiers.

1904 the First concert was given by the London Symphony orchestra.

In 1993 the US premiere of the blockbuster Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”.

Born on this day:

1781 George Stephenson, English mechanical engineer, inventor of the steam locomotive.

1843 Bertha Suttner Austrian writer and activist of the peace movement, Nobel laureate.

1865 Carl Nielsen, Danish composer, violinist, conductor.

1963 johnny Depp, American actor, Director, musician, screenwriter and producer.


68 Nero Roman Emperor (54-68).

1870 Charles Dickens, English writer, classic of world literature.


Anastasia, Ivan, Leonid, Leonti, Peter .

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