Momentous events in history: 31 July 2017


Today omelianiv day.


Omelianiv day.


1994 Sergey Bubka has set a unique world record in the high jump with a pole.

Born on this day:

1704 Gabriel Cramer, Swiss mathematician.

1800 Friedrich Wohler German chemist.

1914 Louis de Funes French actor, one of the greatest comedians of the 20th century.

1930-Oleg Popov, a Soviet circus artist, clown, actor, people’s artist of the USSR.

1937 Edita Soviet and Russian singer and actress, people’s artist of the USSR.

1945 Leonid Yakubovich in the Soviet and Russian TV presenter, actor, producer, screenwriter, people’s artist of the Russian Federation.


1784 Denis Diderot, French philosopher, educator, encyclopedist, novelist, and critic.

1849, sándor petőfi Hungarian poet and revolutionary figure.

1875 Andrew Johnson 17th U.S. President (1865-1869), statesman and politician.

1944 Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer and Aviator .


Athanasius, Ivan, Kuzma, Myron, Stepan.

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