Momentous events in history: 24 November 2018

Momentous events in history: 24 November 2018
07:27 Today’s Telegraph on this day, November 24 – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


The day of memory of victims of Holodomor in Ukraine.

The day of St. Theodore the Studite, the Confessor.

Friends day in the United States.


1859 – At the sale there was the work of Charles Darwin “Origin of species”.

1874 – American Joseph Glidden received a patent for barbed wire.

1961 – the Declaration of the UN General Assembly on the prohibition of the use of nuclear weapons.

1963 – Fatal wound during transport to another prison Lee Harvey Oswald, the only suspect in the murder of U.S. President John Kennedy.

Born on this day:

1632 – Baruch Spinoza, Dutch philosopher, a rationalist, a naturalist.

1784 – Zachary Taylor, 12th U.S. President (1849-1850), a major American military leader .

1815 – grace darling, the English national character.

1864 – Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, French painter and graphic artist.

1888 – Dale Carnegie, American educator, psychologist, writer.

1941 – Alexander Maslyakov, Soviet and Russian television presenter, organizer and host of KVN.

1972 – Yuri Yurchenko, the Ukrainian singer, composer, leader of the band “Yurcash”. Honored artist of Ukraine (2009).

1978 – Katherine Heigl, American actress and producer.


1923 – Michel de Klerk, Dutch architect.

1934 – Mykhailo Hrushevsky, Ukrainian historian and Chairman of the Ukrainian Central Rada.

1956 – Guido Cantelli, Italian conductor.

1957 – Diego Rivera, Mexican muralist.

1963 murdered Lee Harvey Oswald, the only official suspect in the murder of US President John. Kennedy.

1991 – Freddie mercury, British singer and musician, songwriter, lead singer of the rock band Queen.

1991 – Eric Carr, drummer of the American band “Kiss”.


Vincent, Victor, Evgenie, Maxim, Stepan.

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