Momentous events in history: 22 December 2018

Momentous events in history: 22 December 2018
07:20 Today the Telegraph Photo: on this day, December 22 – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


The day of energy.

Day of workers of diplomatic service of Ukraine.

The conception by righteous Anna of the virgin.

The celebration in honor of the mother of God “unexpected Joy”.


1938 – Near southern Africa was caught coelacanth – the oldest fish on Earth.

1978 – Andrei Chikatilo committed his first murder.

1989 – In Romania toppled the Communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu.

1992 – the crash of the Boeing 727 near Tripoli. Killed 157 people – the largest crash in the history of Libya.

2015 – Private space company SpaceX for the first time in history to vertically land the first stage of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 .

2015 – published In the United States declassified the lists of a massive nuclear strike on the United States, the Soviet Union, the Eastern bloc countries and China in 1959.

Born on this day:

1702 – Jean-├ętienne Liotard, Liotard Swiss painter.

1823 – Jean Fabre, a French entomologist and writer.

1833 – Marko Vovchok, Ukrainian writer and poetess, translator.

1858 – Giacomo Puccini, Italian Opera composer.

1962 – Ralph Fiennes, British actor, Director, two-time nominee of the award “Oscar”.

1972 – Vanessa Paradis, French actress, singer, model.


1919 – Herman Weingartner, German gymnast, three-time Olympic champion.

1936 – Nikolay Ostrovsky, the Soviet writer, author of the novel “How the steel was tempered”.

2005 – Sergey Ostrov, Soviet and Russian poet-songwriter.


Alexander, Anna, Vasily, Vladimir, Stepan.

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