Momentous events in history: 21 Dec 2018

Momentous events in history: 21 Dec 2018
07:24 Telegraph Today on this day, December 21 – the most interesting thing that has happened in Ukraine and the world!


Karachun (Stumpy) – the winter solstice.

The day of St. Thomas in the Netherlands.

The feast of the prophet Zoroaster.


1891 – the first in the history of basketball game.

1898 – Pierre and Marie Curie discovered radium.

1937 – the premiere of the first animated feature Walt Disney’s “Snow white and the seven dwarfs”.

1988 – a Boeing 747 Explosion over Lockerbie.

1988 – First flight of the Antonov An-225 “Mriya”.

1991 abolition of the Soviet Union and establishing the Commonwealth of Independent States.

2012 – for the first time in the history of YouTube and the Internet, the number of views for a single video exceeded 1 billion times. This video was the clip South Korean artist PSY “Gangnam Style” .

Born on this day:

1879 – Joseph Stalin, the Soviet statesman and military leader, the head of the Soviet Union (1924-1953).

1925 – Olga Aroseva, the actress of theatre and cinema.

1937 – Jane Fonda, American actress, model, writer, public figure.

1973 – Tomasz Sikora, a Polish biathlete, silver medalist of the Olympic winter games in Turin.

1977 – Emmanuel macron, French politician, 25th President of France (2017).

1977 – Anfisa Chekhova, a Russian TV presenter.

1983 – Darya Tkachenko, Ukrainian athlete, three-time world champion in international draughts (2005, 2006, 2008), two-time European champion (2004 and 2006).


1375 – Giovanni Boccaccio, Italian writer and poet.

1907 – Klara Hitler, mother of Adolf Hitler.

1992 – Milstein, Nathan Mironovich, a Ukrainian-American virtuoso violinist of Jewish origin.

1993 – Kozlovsky Ivan Semenovich, Ukrainian singer, people’s artist of the USSR.


Anfisa, Victoria, Kirill, Sergey.

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