Momentous events in history: 19 April 2017


Today in many countries around the world celebrated the now traditional beautiful spring holiday – the Day of snowdrop.


The snowdrop day.

Anniversary of the victory in Playa girĂ³n.

Holiday Heavenly Empress Matsu.


1943 Began an armed revolt of the prisoners of the Warsaw ghetto against the Nazis.

1970 rolled off the first car “VAZ-2101”.

Born on this day:

1492 Pietro Aretino, Italian writer of the Renaissance.

1957 Bronislav Vinogrodsky sinologist, translator, writer, public figure.

1772 David Ricardo was a British economist, a classic of political economy.


1822 – Platon Zubov Russian statesman, the last favourite of the Empress Catherine II.

1824 – George Byron, English romantic poet.

1882 – Charles Darwin, English naturalist, author of the modern theory of evolution.

1906 – Pierre Curie, French physicist, Nobel laureate .

1967 – Konrad Adenauer, German statesman, first Chancellor of Germany (1949-1963).

2004 – Sergei Zalygin Soviet writer and public figure, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Gregory, Ivan, Paul, Peter, Of Sebastian, Jacob.

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