Momentous events in history: 18 April 2017


Today is the international day of monuments and historical places.


International day of monuments and historical places.

The world day of Amateur radio.

The day of the founding of the red cross Society in Ukraine.


1902 for the First time in the world to identify the perpetrator was applied fingerprinting.

In 1906 an earthquake destroyed part of San Francisco.

Born on this day:

1917 Georgy Vitsin Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR.

1930 Nathan Adelman Soviet writer, historian, literary critic.

1940 Eduard hanok Belarusian composer-songwriter, people’s artist of Belarus.


1945 – John Fleming, the English scientist-electrical engineer, inventor of the first electronic lamps.

1955 – albert Einstein, German physicist, one of the founders of modern physics, Nobel laureate

2002 – Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian traveller, ethnographer and archaeologist .

2008 – Germain Tilon the French ethnographer.


Alex, Mark, Nicholas, Plato, Simon.

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