Momentous events in history: 16 July 2017


Today is the Day of accountant in Ukraine.


The day of Metallurgist.

The day of accountant in Ukraine.


1054 there was a final split of the Christian Church – Roman Catholic and Orthodox.

1748 Mikhail Lomonosov first formulated the “universal natural law” – the law of conservation of matter.

1945 At the test site in Los Alamos produced the world’s first nuclear explosion.

Born on this day:

1194 Clara of Assisi Italian Saint, the founder of the order of the poor.

1746 Giuseppe Piazzi Italian astronomer, monk of the order of theatines.

1894 Leon croizat of Italian and Venezuelan botanist, biogeograph.

1907 Barbara Stanwyck American actress.

1928 Robert Sheckley, American science fiction writer.

1968 Leonid Agutin Russian singer, songwriter, composer, Honored artist of Russia.


1764 Ivan VI, Emperor of Russia (1740-1741 ).

1985 Henry Theodore bell, a German writer, translator and Nobel laureate.

1989 Herbert von Karajan, Austrian conductor.

1990 Mikhail Matusovskiy Soviet poet-songwriter.


Anton, Vasily, Ivan, Mark, Philip.

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