Momentous events in history: 14 Jun 2017


Today is world blood donor day.


World blood donor day.

The international day of blogger.


1834 In the United States patented sandpaper.

Born on this day:

1736 Charles Coulomb French physicist and military engineer.

1903 Alonzo Church, American mathematician and logician who contributed to the foundations of computer science.

1928 Ernesto che Guevara, Latin American revolutionary, the Comandante of the Cuban revolution.

1946 Donald trump 45th President of the United States (2017), American businessman.

1969 Steffi Graf, German tennis player and Olympic champion.


1920 Max Weber German sociologist, historian and economist.

1927 Jerome Klapka Jerome is an English writer.

1986 Jorge Luis Borges Argentine writer and poet.

1995 Roger Zelazny, American science fiction writer.


Faith, Victoria, David, Denis, Ivan, Paul, Hareth .

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