“Model cheap meat sausage” – how to live in the DNI on an average salary

Less just gets in Makeyevka mechanic – 1176 hryvnia per month. Photo: Depress

The average salary in DRN 11 877 rubles (4659,24 UAH. – Gazeta.ua), according tamoshnego of the Ministry of economic development. Local get about even less, just enough to pay utilities and food.

“Get a salary of more than 5 thousand rubles. A little less than 2 thousand hryvnia. And this is considered to be the average salary in the city says Gazeta.ua a resident of Makeyevka Anastasia Matveeva. Requests that do not specify where employed. – Have enough money on utilities, food and travel. Chicken even buy rare. Model of cheap sausage.”

Less just gets in Makeyevka mechanic – 1176 UAH per month. Such a job offer with specialized secondary education.

“The money I receive, are considered more normal. Some get a penny, because the payment of the leaders of the DNI has converted from hryvnia to rubles,” adds Anastasia.

According to her, local clothing almost do not buy. If you have extra money, go to a thrift store.

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UAH 9.3 billion owed to the mines the occupied part of Donbass, the Russian company “Vneshtorgservis”. Firm “Vneshtorgservis” controls the former Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko.

The average salary of a miner in the occupied territories is of 16 thousand rubles to 6 thousand UAH.