Model 2018: an authoritative edition was published by prestige rating

Authoritative fashion online published the ranking of the best models of the year, chosen professionals and readers of the journal. According to voting results, the model 2018 has become Adut ACEC of southern Sudan (according to jury) and Gigi Hadid (for the readers).

This was reported on the website of the resource.

The jury that chose the best representatives of the fashion industry in 2018, includes such iconic person as Katie Grand, Robbie Spencer, Bethany Hardison, Prabal Gurung, Leila Anan’ev, Ellen von Unwerth. Among the 250 experts were also various professionals from the fashion sphere – creative Directors of fashion houses, editors, photographers, stylists, designers, hairdressers and makeup artists.

Therefore, models 2018 steel Adut ACEC and Gigi Hadid. A male model 2018 jury called the Alton Mason, at the time, as readers of Keith Butler. Women’s breakthrough year was Adwoa Aboa by the jury, while readers chose Bella Hadid. The breakthrough of the year among men was Keith Butler, according to the jury, and the readers have decided to reward the Alton Mason.

It was also determined the winners in the following 9 categories:

“Breakout Star Women” – Fran Summers (as determined by the jury and readers);

“Breakout Star Men” – Salomon Diaz (according to jury) and Elliot Maten (by the readers);

“Comeback of the Year” – Shalom Harlow (as determined by the jury) and Devon Aoki (by the readers);

“Social Media Star Women” – Adwoa Aboa (according to jury) and Kendall Jenner (by the readers);

“Social Media Star Men” – Alton Mason (according to jury) and Rafael Miller (readers);

“Street Style Women” – Gedera Zukauskaite (according to jury) and Bella Hadid (by the readers);

“Street Style Men” – Alton Mason (as determined by the jury and readers);

“Celebrity Model Women” – Rihanna (as determined by the jury and readers);

“Celebrity Model Men” – Timothy Salame (according to jury) and Shawn Mendes (by the readers);

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