“Mlini pomirat not from urusu”: Masha Frosina gave parade Yak uberegli Nervi the health

Masha Frosina s column I sin photo instagram.com/mashaefrosinina

vchora, 23:22

Vdoma Ukrainian teleseuca and actress Mary Rosinna podolasia easy first dostupnymi methods, that smooth oboroti stress I garantovano palpate nastri. Korisno public znamenitosti razmestil on their Instagram-storms.

So, Frosina wrote, Yak zberg vnutri spoke I harmony:

– provoju all sviy vilny hour s dtime I column;

– “themutual” VSI Novin telegram-Canali dwellers read h then, if ye vnutra molist;

– vecherami turned s coloca tradition to be called a few more ghouls in kilometers: so just to be hour without telefonw, can populatia I spend an hour on power;

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Dream Big #dreambigforum

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– I vyklyuchili povnistyu alcohol – od Demba only dodatkowe navantazhennya on organs (especially the zhinok) and dodatkovi stress;

in Dom rule – niyakogo flmv about vbivstva I Sako ohmuro fgn. Dividose mulitple I Comed;

– sports: systematically and without vdovec. Health – the best instant insurance from hvorob. I, besshumno, best instant antistress therapy. Ale zaimites lachey Tim scho podobala, not Draco;

– povernulas in systems Meditec. Everyone knows, what does recommend. True. Two Razi on the day otkluchit mozok – od Demba you bude tilki podyaka;

– kick spathi not later 23.00. I niyakogo saralv on nich. TSE vazhko, but really vrants vdtuv resnitsy.

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Knowledge increaseth sorrow… I don’t remember a cat said that. ⠀ But nowadays, they are still greatly multiply the stress, I think. And now I carefully watch how people protect themselves from the “poisoning” bad news, who stopped to read them who in its mass went to psychoanalysts who have succumbed to the protective reaction of his mind and thinks that everything it touches… And I assure you, all these decisions have a right to exist: a person — not a machine, he is not eternal. Therefore, he is protected as you can, from the amount of negative information that few people can handle. ⠀ I’m trying very hard not to succumb to total apathy, and honestly share with you here is only good. ⠀ When I realized that too, an overdose of negativity everywhere, made adjustments to your lifestyle: ⠀ – I spend all my free time with her children and her husband. ⠀ – I samotorova all news channels telegrams to read them when there is a domestic opportunity. ⠀ In the evening and returned with her husband the tradition of walking for a few miles: so surely the time is spent without phones, you can communicate and spend time outdoors. ⠀ – I eliminated all alcohol from him, just an additional load on the body ( especially in women) and additional stress. Well, maybe if you can prove that it treats the coronavirus – go all together in the bout:) ⠀ – House rule – no movies about murders and all sorts of dark stuff… Watch cartoons and Comedy. ⠀ – Sports: systematically and without excuses. Health now – the best insurance against disease. And, no doubt, the best anti Stress therapy. But do only what you love, not hate ⠀ Returned to the system of meditation. I recommend to all. True. Twice a day to turn off the brain – from it you’ll only thanks:)) ⠀ – Go to bed no later than 23.00. And no TV series at night. It’s hard, but really feel the difference in the morning. ⠀ Do not have to follow my rules! Install your own! Remember, statistics say that humanity now millions do not die from viruses, and from diseases caused by chronic stress… #budtezdorovy

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Obov’yazkovo papishes on our channel from Viber, abi not propustiti niccas

Nagado, Mary Rosinna showed nezvycajne video s of Paris.

Yak povidomlyav portal Know.ia, Mary Rosinna showed “polosochku” z column.

Also the portal Know.ia writing, Frosina scho took fate in “MS Ukraine”, ale prize vdali NSI.