“MK” visited the pupils of the Moscow Suvorov military school

When the cadets can communicate on equal terms with the commander of the Land forces, the call to visit several popular artists and famous athletes, and at the same time to torture the journalists ‘ questions the most widely read Russian Newspapers? Only at the festival, which is staged on February 14 to “Moskovsky Komsomolets” for pupils of the capital Suvorov military school. How was the meeting with the future defenders of the Fatherland — read in our report.

Moscow Suvorov military school is an elite school for pre-University education. Getting here is not easy. Despite the fact that until graduation the cadets will live on the army regulations, those wishing to link their lives with the Armed forces. Competition — as in a good University: 7-8 people in the place. Entrance examinations — mathematics, Russian, English, physical training. Moreover, the students must successfully complete a medical examination. Take in cadets from the age of 12.

Chief of Land forces, Colonel-General Leonid Saluki “urged on” blushing from the excitement of the cadets to open dialogue. The General said that among the guests were the editor-in-chief “MK”, the Chairman of the Public Council at the Ministry of defence of Russia Pavel Gusev and gold feathers of the newspaper — eve Markachev and Alexei Lebedev, and also the Olympic champion in the high jump Andrew Silnov and world champion and Europe on karate Anton Gavrilov. And asked the students not to be shy and “Potentate” journalists and athletes.

— You have a unique chance, they definitely need to use it, — smiling, he said. — I will be the first to start a conversation. Which one of you wants to go to military school?

In the class, which brought together pupils of the senior class, once he grew a forest of hands.

— You are definitely “not bogus”, or with the work you have already done? joked the commander in chief. It’s nice to see such unanimity.

The Saluki asked about sports and educational success of children: who, how many times have tightened, making the rise of the coup, who are studying languages.

Cadets first shade, but then feeling that they are treated seriously, talking. Many were concerned about whether they will be able on a preferential basis to enroll in military schools.

— Previously was true that cadets have enrolled in College without examinations. The position of defense Minister and our Ministry in General — a rule of preferential receipt to return. We will fight for this. As for the schools of the Land forces, under other equal conditions we try to keep the graduates of the Suvorov schools had priority. In General, if you decide to enroll in any of schools of the army, we are waiting for you and will try to help. Because you are already seven years gave to the army.

Then guys asked the editor-in-chief “MK” Pavel Gusev, the characteristics of military journalism.

Is a special activity all media. Usually there are journalists by vocation. To do this, the internal self-control, courage. But most importantly — we need to understand what you write, and know that your stories much depends, — said the chief editor of “MK” to the cadets.

Guests had the opportunity to look at the lives of the students of the school as it is. The head of the educational institution, Lieutenant General Viktor Polyakov showed the rooms where students live, classes where they do. Training school is one of the best in Moscow. Training is conducted at school, but in addition to General subjects, students learn discipline and military tactics, nuclear, chemical, bacteriological protection engineering and fire training, the military regulations, military transfer. For example, in one class pupils were taught how to classify mines and how to find them.

According to Pavel Gusev, the action of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in the first place — it’s a corporate event, and along with the opportunity to meet with the guys who are essentially still students, but has put on a military uniform, preparing to defend their homeland.

We see today how cadets live, how to eat, how they learn. It’s safe to say that this is a very high level, he said.

And “MK” gave the boys a real concert. In the auditorium of the cadets were waiting for the artists who came to the school at the invitation of “MK”. Before their presentations to distinguished pupils were awarded by certificates and gifts from the chief command of the Land forces and from the “MK”.

Honored artist of Russia, soloist of theatre “New Opera” Yevgeny Kungurov was able to “make” room, and with him, the children sang a song of Muslim Magomayev “Best city in the world”. Spoke to the cadets Rodion Gazmanov and contestant on “the Voice” Ekaterina Chistova, and ended the concert the soloist of the group “Elena and the guys,” Elena Lipaev. Also their mastery of the techniques of karate cadets showed pupils of the club “Ramenki”.

There is a saying: “the well-Fed soldiers of the Motherland shield”. Perhaps that is why the announcement of the General Slukova that after the concert, the cadets will be a festive lunch, was greeted with most enthusiastic applause.

Festive — so unusual. What do you enjoy most? — smiling, said the commander of hungry boys.

— Dumplings, burgers, pies! they shouted excitedly.

— I hope the management of the school will hear you and make the necessary adjustments in the menu, joked the General.

Judging by how they reacted to these words of the head of school, Victor Polyakov, the message was heard.

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