“Miss universe 2018”: it became known what happened to the missing contestant

“Miss universe 2018”: it became known what happened to the missing contestant
20:15 , Sun, 9 Dec 2018 Telegraph segodnya.ua Photo: Instagram news of show business: a representative of the Sierra Leone Esther Bangura made it safely to Thailand.

A few hours ago, the media began to actively spread the information that the representative of Sierra Leone at the international competition “Miss universe 2018” Esther Bangura went missing on the way to Thailand, as he took the boat, while the remaining participants preferred the plane. Esther was supposed to arrive in Thailand on December 5, but until now nothing was known.

Now on the page “Miss Sierra Leone universe” has information about what Esther Bangura finally arrived at the venue of the competition in Thailand, and it’s all fine .

“Miss universe 2018”: a participant of the beauty contest has gone missing

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Hello Miss Universe Sierra Leone fans and supporters , thank you for your support and concern. Miss Universe Sierra Leone is doing just fine, and finally in Thailand NOT AS A CONTESTANT, but as a supporter of the most prestigious pageant in the world. To know more about her journey , to ask questions for press , recorded or online interviews kindly send us a DM and we would respond to you. We are looking forward to supporting all contestants during this journey and may the best queen win the crown. HELLO THAILAND

Published By Pageant IAMSL Agency (@missuniversesierraleone) 7 Dec 2018 11:21 PST

“Hello to all fans of “Miss Sierra Leone”, thank you for your support and concern. She’s fine, she’s finally in Thailand, but as a cheerleader and not a participant in the most prestigious beauty contest”, — says the publication. Most likely, the girl was not allowed to participate in the competition due to the fact that she missed the registration.

The organizers of the contest “Miss universe 2018” said Esther Bangura to participate in it will not. Where was a girl all this time – is unknown.

Recall the final of “Miss universe 2018” will take place on 16 December in Bangkok. Ukraine will be represented by 23-year-old Karina from Odessa Josan.

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