“Miss international 2018”: called the winner

Today in Tokyo hosted one of the largest beauty contests – “Miss international-2018”. It was attended by 77 beauties.

The winner of 2018 was the representative from Venezuela 20-year-old Maria Claret Velasco Garcia, said Today.

Author: scrnshot

The winner of the 2018 was the representative from Venezuela, 20-year-old Maria Claret Velasco Garcia

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On the podium of the women came out in swimsuits, evening gowns and national costumes. The representative from Ukraine – Bohdan Taras entered the TOP 15 of the contest.

The first contest was held in long beach, California, USA in 1960 after moving to the final stage of the show Miss universe on the Atlantic coast of the United States in Miami, Florida. Until 1967 the competition was held only in long beach, then it moved to Japan, where until now.

Contestants compete in a context of tolerance, tolerance and pacifism. The current “Miss international” – Kylie Merasa from the Philippines won his title on October 27, 2016. 2017 the crown was Kevin Lilianna from Indonesia.

The representative of Viet Nam won the beauty contest “Miss Earth-2018”. It was held on Saturday, November 3, in the Philippines capital Manila. The second and third steel Colombia and Mexico.

23-year-old Nguyen Phuong Khan is now studying to be a marketer. Participation in the contest wanted to take 15 years since I first saw it on TV.


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