Ministry of defense: Russian air defense will take aim at the United States air force in Syria

The Russian defense Ministry called the actions of the US-led coalition in Syria, this time shot down a Syrian su-22 in the area of Raqqa, a cynical violation of the sovereignty of this country and, in fact, military aggression. The Ministry said how to act in this situation.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Russia from June 19 to re-terminate the cooperation with the United States under the Memorandum on the prevention of air incident, the cooperation on which it was suspended after a us strike cruise missiles at the airbase “Sirat”. Shooting down a Syrian su-22, the United States again violated the Memorandum. In the defense Ministry claim that Washington did not use available channels of communication, although at the moment the Russian VKS performed the task in Syrian airspace.

In addition, as stated in the defense Ministry, from now on Russian ground and air defenses will “take to support the goals of the” planes and drones of the Western coalition, discovered to the West of the Euphrates river.

In the Federation Council earlier talked about the possibility of retaliation by the US action. It recalled that the sky in Syria “close” the Russian s-400 and s-300 army of Bashar al-Assad.

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