Milonov has proposed to mitigate the penalties for defaulters of loans

State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov has developed amendments to the law “On the Federal loan” mitigating liability of the borrowers for late payment.

In particular, it is proposed to introduce the possibility to move the date of the monthly payment once a month for up to 14 days and mitigate penalties for late loan payments.

In the document, the MP notes that the purchasing power of Russians has decreased due to the economic crisis, resulting in increased public debt to the banks. Milon sure that citizens are vulnerable to credit organizations and need additional support from the state, reports RT.

In addition, there are cases when a citizen gets paid a few days later than the date of the monthly Bank payment that delivers monthly financial inconvenience.

MP proposes to provide borrowers the right to postpone the date of the monthly payment on the loan, as well as to reduce the size of charged for overdue fines.

The draft amendments to the law “On consumer credit (loan)” will be submitted to the Duma soon, said Vitaly Milonov.


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