Military exercises “West-2017” may become a “Trojan horse” for Belarus.

Belarusian-Russian exercises “West-2017” will be held amid an unprecedented strain of relations between East and West since the fall of the Berlin wall. Military maneuvers, which will be held 14-20 September in Minsk, causing severe concern to countries in the Eastern region.
The growing concern is the fact that in the past Russia has used similar exercises to cover actual hostilities, writes in an article for the Financial Times Neil Buckley.
According to Ben Hodges, commander U.S. army in Europe, these teachings can become a “Trojan horse” by which Putin will enter and leave Belarus to its soldiers and weapons.
However, this would require the consent of the President of Republic Alexander Lukashenko, who, according to Samuel Charap, a political scientist Rand Corporation, trying not to make Belarus a target for the West in the past tried to prevent Russia’s attempts to place his country in the military equipment of the state of a neighbor.
In the previous exercises in this series was attended by 100 or more thousand military, at that time, as the geographical scope of “West” points to “a huge concentration of troops.” The Russian General staff was “brilliant” comes to manipulate international agreement that obliges him to invite European observers to any event, including more than 13 thousand people, by the simultaneous holding of several allegedly different exercises, – says Alexander Goltz, an independent Russian military analyst.

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