Mikhail Mishustin: a new stage of the transition to the online ticket office will begin July 1, 2018

The first place connected work via online cash for over a year. During this time, their efficiency, said the head of the Federal tax service Mikhail Mishustin, appreciated not only Supervisory authorities, but also the entrepreneurs themselves, because you no longer need to make tedious reports to FNS. At the moment of online employs more than half a million entrepreneurs, and this number is constantly increasing.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Mikhail Mishustin.

From 1 July 2018, Russian entrepreneurs will have to make their business online. Mikhail Mishustin reminds us of this at each meeting, and all data indicate full readiness of businessmen to work with modern equipment and to report their income.

Michael Mishustin has told that for the second stage connected measures of support. For example, a businessman can get the benefits on taxes or other subsidies in the amount of online cash (18 000). Therefore, the transition to new equipment will be painless.

The effectiveness of this approach has fully proved. Now, on waiting for the full “combat readiness” of each entrepreneur to start work in the new regime of maximum transparency.

The most frequent questions about online ticket office

Do you need the cash, if the clients-natural persons pay via the Internet or throw the money on the card?

Yes. Cash needed, if individuals are paying by any electronic means of payment.

Do you need the cash if the organization pays the businessman for the goods, work or services by Bank transfer?

– No. Cash not required for transactions between organizations and individual entrepreneurs if they use electronic means of payment without presentation. That is, through a Bank account.

– How to understand that the cash register complies with the law?

– If the cash register included in the register, it complies with the law. The list posted on the website of the tax. Also check the serial number of the cash register.

– Who are the CRF and how to work with them?

Operator fiscal data — organization-the intermediary that processes fiscal data and sends to the tax. To work with him, an entrepreneur needs to enter into a contract. The list of operators fiscal data posted on the website of FTS.

– How to change the CRF?

– To conclude a contract with a new operator’s fiscal data, and register the cash register in the personal Cabinet on the website of the tax.

– What is fiscal drive?

– A device that stores information about the calculations, encrypts and transfers to the tax. In the cash register.

– How often to change fiscal drive?

– Every 13, 15 or 36 months, depending on the tax regime and type of business. For example, for seasonal work and trade in alcohol, will fit FN 13 or 15 months, for continuous operation — at 36 months.

– Who changes the fiscal drive?

The owner of cash may vary independently of FN or contact customer service.

– Do I have to send the customer an electronic check?

– Only if buyer has given its contacts: phone number or email.

– As the buyer to verify the check?

– Electronic check you can check and get through a free mobile app.

– What to do if you lost Internet access?

– You can continue working. The cashier will keep all information about purchases and give tax as soon as the connection is restored.

– What happens to forms of the strict reporting?

From 1 July 2019 forms, like checks, you will need to send in tax in electronic form. Up to this point use the old.

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