Midsummer 2017: interesting events in Kiev

Midsummer 2017



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Very soon a favorite summer holiday all juveniles.

Next week we’re celebrating bright summer holiday of Ivan Kupala. On that day, people go to the forest to look for the fern flower, usually in pairs. Also, girls wonder on her spouse, kids jumping over the fire.

When Midsummer 2017: the history of the holiday, traditions, rituals and prohibitions

According to legends, Ivan Kupala night, which is very short, you can’t sleep, because at this time alive not only nature, but also particularly active becomes any evil spirits – witches, werewolves, mermaids, witches, goblins, water, goblins. Many holiday events will be in different parts of Kiev, so the people of Kiev and guests of the city will be able where to spend their free time.

Where to celebrate Midsummer in Kiev:

Midsummer Theophany

Metropolitan Park 6 Jul invites you to celebrate with folk dances, songs, ceremonies, concert, master classes and ethno-disco . Beginning at 17:00. Entrance is only 20 UAH.

Magic Kupala Night

From 6 to 7 July, bar “Birdhouse” satisfied ethno-Devic evening with fortune telling, wreath, campfire and games. Beginning at 19:00.

Midsummer at the capital restaurant

On 6 July, the restaurant “Prague” notes of Ivan Kupala is the traditional holiday, which for the third summer in a row gathers charming beauties. On this day in Prague, the lake in the Park, guests in fashionable ethnic outfit will weave a lush wreath of fresh flowers and old traditions to be let into the lake. Live authentic music performed by a singer ILLARIA member of the national selection for Eurovision, will add a mysterious and exciting atmosphere of the holiday.

Outlet village “Manufactura” invites everyone to its Midsummer

On 8 and 9 July the outlet village “Manufactura” invites you to recreate the best centuries-old Ukrainian tradition of unity with nature and a good mood! To plunge into the atmosphere of the festive event will help busy programme of events with competitions, ceremonies and the master funds.

Lecture on “the Magic of Midsummer”

7 July, you can attend the lecture Lada Luzina “the Spell of Ivan Kupala”. Beginning at 19:00 at ul Horeb, 19-in. Entrance is free. There will be many interesting!

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