Microsoft will spend $ 500 million on the development of affordable housing in Seattle


Technology company Microsoft is accused of formation of a housing shortage in cities across the country. Representatives giant has pledged half a billion dollars to create affordable housing in Seattle, which is the largest amount to date.

Currently, the company is located in the centre of a multibillion-dollar expansion of its campus in Redmond, Washington. However, the Microsoft executives had decided to spend a large sum for the construction of affordable housing in Seattle – six months after the city Council of Seattle could not take the “main tax” which would require companies earning more than $ 200 million a year to pay a fee of $ 275 per employee. The money would be used to address housing issues and homelessness, but the members of the Council are unable to adopt a resolution for Amazon – the company promised to stop the construction of a large object, if it happens.

In an interview with Seattle Times, Microsoft General counsel brad Smith (Brad Smith) said that the intention to build affordable housing came after talks with the Alliance Challenge Seattle is 18 companies who are trying to solve civic and social problems in regime. Most of the funds will be used to create housing for workers with low and middle income in the region of Puget Sound.