Mickle: “match with “Wardroom” we showed good movement”

Alexei Mikhailichenko / Photo: press service of Dinamo

Head coach of “Dynamo” Alexei Mikhailichenko commented on the victory over the “Wardroom” (4:0) in friendly match. The words of the specialist leads the press service of the club.

“It was a very important game, like any training camp, because, besides the fact that we got exercise, we still got a good sparring partner. We showed good movement, achieved the result, although he is not currently chief. Successfully completed another day at work.

A Bunch Of Pivaric Of Vivcharenko? Pivaric an experienced player who played this position and knows how to act there. You mentioned a bunch today, played pretty well, despite the fact that in this combination, the children were for the first time.

Glad for the coast (of Vivcharenko – approx.) for his debut, he played reliably, quickly, I think he can and must make progress.”

Recall that Dynamo can send Fran Sol to rent in China.


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