Michael Schur has published shocking facts about Eurovision-2017

The person in charge of the organization of the Eurovision-2017, which was held in Kiev, instead of having to solve problems, which I had enough, resorted to an illogical step.
Relevant information appeared on the Facebook page of Michael Schur.
So, according to the journalist, there are nearly three hundred outstanding deals regarding Eurovision there’s a picket at the Cabinet of Ministers, which was visited by people, because they have not paid 20% of the money for the work during the song contest, there are investigations by the State audit service and Prosecutor General’s office.
In addition, he argues, is the person who was responsible for the organization of Eurovision.
“Today at lunch, this person gets the question: “What do you need to complete all the outstanding problems?” And what is this man doing? No, not writing about what he wants. Wrote the application on dismissal”, – is surprised Michael Schur and publishes the relevant document.

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