Meteorologists announced a 2015-2018 the hottest in the history


19 of the 20 hottest years in the entire history of observations belong to the XXI century and the hottest year of the previous century was 1998. In 2015 and 2017, the average global temperature was about 1.1 degrees Celsius higher than in pre-industrial times, and 2016 was hotter another 0.1 degrees and was the warmest in the history of observation.

It is worth noting that at the end of 2018, scientists are not too doubted that he was also included in the “four leaders”, but now, having made all the necessary calculations, scientists have confirmed it officially. Among others, this was confirmed by experts of the world meteorological organization, the U.S. space Agency NASA and the National oceanic and atmospheric administration,

Among the two main factors affecting global average temperature, scientists call the human activity and the natural cyclical fluctuations influenced by the El niño phenomenon — changes in temperature of surface waters in the Equatorial Pacific ocean . From 2017, these water cooled (this process is called La niña), and the fact that even though it’s 2017 and 2018 is among the most heated, suggests that human influence on climate continues to grow.

At the moment, the water in the Pacific ocean heats again, so that, according to scientists, 2019, has the potential to set a new absolute record for the time of observation. In particular, with the assumption that the current year will be the hottest in the memory of mankind, made earlier by the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

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