Messi wrote Argentina tickets for the 2018 world Cup (VIDEO)

Lionel Messi. Photo: Reuters

“SE” tells about the matches of the final round of qualifying for the 2018 world Cup in South America, which permits in Russia was won by Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia and Peru will play in the “joints” with New Zealand.

Ecuador – Argentina – 1:3 (Ibarra, 1 – Messi, 12, 20, 62).

Peru – Colombia – 1:1 (Guerrero, 76 – James Rodriguez, 56).

Uruguay – Bolivia – 4:2 (Caceres, 40. Cavani, 42. Luis Suarez, 60, 76 – G. Silva, 24, own goal. Godin, 79, own goal).

Brazil – Chile – 3:0 (Paulinho, 55. Gabriel BOM Jesus 57, 90+3).

Paraguay – Venezuela – 0:1 (Y. Herrera, 84)

Let’s be honest: the six applicants for a lucky ticket to Russia almost all the attention was privatized hanging in the balance Argentina and especially Lionel Messi. It was enough to see the staff meet guests in Ecuador.


The flow of news increased as approaching the match in Quito, and themes have varied, as in a kaleidoscope. It showed pretty spoiled by rain lawn and his miraculous transformation in the sun, it was reported that the absenteeism “albiceleste” in the final tournament of the Argentine Federation threatens the loss of tens of millions of dollars. Although, its officials issues more than others, because three completely different stylistically, the coach for one of the qualifying cycle – it’s downright crazy. Explaining why the Vice-world Champions were in the leading group for only four out of the previous 17 rounds.

Connoisseurs of history remember even November of 2010 and specifically the Ecuadorian championship match Universidad Catolica – David. That it interesting, but not trivial plot, it would seem that the salutary goal of the hosts in the 90th minute and winning shot of the guests in stoppage time? Yes, at least the fact that the team was led by promising “to say goodbye to fans with pride and dignity,” the acting coach of the Ecuadorian national team, the Argentinian Jorge Seliko, and insane in the story, the victory was won by Jorge Sampaoli. And it all happened in the same arena “Stadio Olimpico, Atahualpa”! New duel Seliko, by the way, watched not from the bench, received a disqualification after a conflict with the Chilean Vidal.


It is, however, not abolished shocking for favorite debut. Ecuador pulled forward like he was pretending, and Ordonez with Ibarra, playing almost “the wall” heads (!), organized the fastest in the history of qualifiers goal in the Argentine goal. In 38 seconds!

Well, “wall”, but classic, found in the Luggage of Argentina. Extremely active from the first minute Di Maria helped Messi to interrupt the stretching as much as three match “drought”.

And soon the sweet couple scored another goal, although the angel in the second episode soon brought the piano, which was played in near “the nine” Leo. So effectively, the Argentine genius in the list of the best snipers in qualifying tournaments in South America left behind compatriot Crespo.


By half-time everything was going on the Argentine scenario. And in Rio de Janeiro Neymar deserves a round of applause when he took the field Maracana with a seriously ill baby girl, Anna Clara on hand. However, to penetrate the Chilean goalkeeper Bravo Brazilians could not, even though Neymar and one by one went out and hung exactly on the head who was on the goal line to Gabriela Jesus.

In Peru and Paraguay on the scoreboard at the break glowed zeros, while in Montevideo initially were in the comfortable position of Uruguay reiterated the Argentine scenario, scoring in 45 minutes three goals. One own goal and two in the Bolivian. Gaston Silva fully rehabilitated for an own goal, assistiram Caceres and distinguished the tenth time best scorer of the qualifying round of Cavani.

Intermediate results were sent to Colombia in “joints”, and was left with nothing Peru and foolishly ended their match in Paraguay.


The second half Argentina could play on the account. Although a football is abhorrent and Sampaoli, and Messi. The Argentine wizard actually put a Russian visa in the passport compatriots, gracefully throw the goalkeeper.

Sure, at this point, the millions of fans it is white-blue team and its great captain experienced the admiration and sighed with relief. On the field the long-awaited final whistle was met and released at the end instead of Di Maria zenitovets Paredes.



But in other matches at the time a hat-trick Messi was just beginning the most interesting. First behind the final tournament proved to be the Chileans, two with small minutes have received two painful impact of not losing on home field in the qualifying matches since 1954, Brazil. The current holder of the America’s Cup and finalist of the confederations Cup suddenly failed Bravo, who failed to tame the ball after a long range free kick and actually gave Paulinho a goal.

While the guests were in a state grogg, Neymar brought the empty net Gabriela Jesus. After the second goal scorer on account of his 12 punches in eleven matches for the they.

To life, specifically in the area of “joints” Chile sent James Rodriguez, who jumped beautifully in the penalty area under a discount Falcao.

But it is too hard went to the crash hromava the whole cycle on both legs of the Chilean team. How to go to the goal demonstrated the 33-year-old Guerrero. This forward for the sake of preparation for the main matches of the national team of Peru specially missed the last before the pause the match for Flamengo. And not a mistake by withdrawing the national team who missed out this time, railroad farfán in the “joints” promises to be a historic goal from a free kick. Draw in Lima arranged for both teams.


Uruguay, if not the second own goal, enough to the large victories. But does it really matter?! More valuable than the double Luis Suarez, to establish dual power in the list of the best scorers in South American qualifying rounds. Now Luis and his partner at Barcelona Messi 21 goals and both next summer we will see in Russia. And Chileans Alexis Sanchez and Vidal, our country looked at the confederations Cup.

Teams of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Colombia qualified to the world championship-2018. Team Peru came in the Intercontinental play-offs, where in November will play New Zealand.

Andrey KUZICHEV, Sport-Express

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