Men’s jacket for spring: comfort, dryness and warmth

In anticipation of spring from major distributors, you can find good discounts on men’s jacket. Photo: Flowerbed

The first warm days of March – not a reason to dress in light clothes, despite the deceptiveness of the weather. In the first and in the second month of spring, for sure, will have to deal with frosts, rain, wind, chilly and grey weather.

At the same time be in the “off season” warm winter outerwear is not always a suitable option for our latitude. Need high-quality and durable winter jacket. Besides, now, on the eve of spring from major distributors, you can find good discounts on men’s jacket.

Not waterproof

Rain, heavy or light, can spoil not only mood but also the level of comfort on the street. Try to find jackets like that will not get wet from the outside, but the inside is ventilated, not to create a “thermos”effect.

Note the modern membrane materials with optimal water resistance and vapor permeability.

Safety on the road

If you are looking for a jacket for kids, for sports or to ride a bike, walk often on the roads at night, check to see whether the model of retro-reflective elements in visible places. Especially in spring with its fog, drizzle and relatively short daylight hours.

Protect the lower back and neck

Get ready to meet the spring winds and morning frosts. March and April is not a reason to wear short jackets. If you don’t want to chill the neck and take care of men’s health, choose a longer jacket below the waist with a hood.

The presence of cuffs and puffs that will make you “sealed” from negative environmental conditions is an asset.

Do not freeze

Depending on the region the concept of “spring jacket” can vary, and along with this change and the requirements for materials, fabrics, fillers. For warm spring suit jacket without filling, but with lining. If the lining is removable – even better.

Do not rush to hide in the closet down jacket – it is not suitable for rainy days, but with a slight minus on the thermometer to cope like no other. Please note that now you can find slim outerwear that are worn under coats or tunics along with movement and staying invisible. They are light, and, if necessary, just hide in the bag.

Easy care

With high probability for the top spring apparel will have to care more often than in the summer or winter. Mud, puddles, wet snow, more rain and wind – that is the cause of the contamination of the fabric.

Choose the option of material, easy to care for – and “local” when you need to clean only a area of the jacket, and “globally” when it should be washed with powder.