Men playing computer games, was steeper in bed

A group of researchers representing the University Sapienza in Rome, came to the conclusion that men are often playing computer games, on average, capable of longer sexual acts. However, experts say that this coin has two sides — apparently, the secret of success may be less gamers interest in sex.

The study involved 396 men, whose age ranged from 18 to 50 years. 278 of them were devoted to computer games more than an hour a day, while the other 109 similar hobby is not recognized or gave him little time.

As it turned out, the difference between gamers and non-gamers, in terms of erectile function was not, however, as the survey showed, for fans of computer games in General was characterized by less sexual desire. At the same time, that gamers, on average, had a longer sexual acts.

Experts are not yet ready to confidently answer the question, what explains a similar relationship, but one version they put forward. According to scientists, video games can influence the reward system in the brain and indirectly force him to get less pleasure from sex . This, in turn, allows them to abstain longer from the end of intercourse, the more passionate “non-gamers”, suggest the authors of a study published in the scientific journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine

Some time ago, the experts from University College London conducted another study with the participation of 491 and came to the conclusion that computer games are a more effective way of dealing with stress than sex. Scientists have found that representatives of both sexes are not only often resort to video games than to intimate relationships, to relieve the tension, but really effective restored strength and was more stress if you chose this method.

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