Melzig said: the scene for the Eurovision song contest-2017 is almost ready

Eurovision – 2017



Photo from open sources

The stage on which will take place the international song contest Eurovision – 2017, prepared by 95%.

“With regard to the process of building a scene, then it is already built 95%. Now completed and installed other elements,” said Melzig.

He stressed that the Central portion of the scene from the arch of the screen – mobile that will help to create for each participant a unique backdrop for performances.

As explained by the producer of the competition show Eurovision -2017 Christer Bjorkman, the various elements of the scene are differently used in each performance of the contestants.

“We will use the arch over the stage in the opening number of the finale as the embodiment of the Dnieper river, its banks. Also going to see a bead with our logo, which will move along the Dnieper river. In another room will use it (the arch – ed.) for the realization of a floral wreath . We have a lot of ideas on how various items use scene,” – said Bjorkman.

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