Meerkats feed cheese and yogurt


The pair of meerkats Podolsky, Vinnitsa zoo on March 4, had three cubs.

– Previously, we had no meerkats – the Director of the zoo 44-year-old Eugene tkacik. – Two females presented to the Warsaw zoo. One we changed to the male in Odessa zoo. Did not believe that the couple will have offspring, because in nature one female meets five to seven males. Our impregnated one.

Meerkats – predatory mammals of the family mangustov. Live in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa – in Angola, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa.

– Life expectancy of the animal – not more than 14 years – continues the Director of the zoo. – In nature, such as the choleric, as well as people. If there is danger or take the food will be protected.

The zoo meerkats live in a small closed enclosure with plastic Windows, which infrared heat lamps. Have a yellowish-gray wool. Feed them tomatoes, grapes, quail eggs, boiled potatoes and chicken without skin. The female in feeding the kids give cheese and yogurt.


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