Medvedev told the children whether the head to be a villain


To warm the Prime Minister ran through the exhibition of educational goods and services. And had a lot of things. Praised the school, which, as with all the fervor has assured its producers, it is impossible to write any extra words. (However, “our guys are cunning, they will find how to write!” — he doubted the invulnerability of the miracle of the desks.) Have heard a number of appeals and providing state support other ideas in the field of goods for school students. Personally tested a Russian electronic school on the example of chemistry for 11th class on the hydrolysis of organic and inorganic compounds. The stand of the project for promotion of Russian universities on the foreign arena (project “5 — 100”) promised to consider expanding the number of participants in the project to 30 universities.

After this training you had to go and open lesson “Profession — Director”. Children, by the way, there were serious: their biggest group at 26%, according to a preliminary survey, chosen for adult life the profession of Manager, “in order to earn a lot”. So the question went to the premiere of teen.

— What to do to the head when a perfect solution is not a problem? — rushed right off the bat the guys from St. Petersburg.

— Everyone acts in their own way, ‘ sighed their eminent countryman. — But you have to stay on the decision that will inflict the least harm.

— It turns out you have to combine hobby with work and not a distraction whether it is from business? — digested the thesis of “the least harm” he continued to pry at the current head of future colleagues.

— It turns out! — confidently replied. — In General, if you do not switch from main activity to things that you like is really hard! So that all future leaders should have a few Hobbies that will help them with the main work. For example, I from school very fond of photography.

— Does the head right on error or always have to be perfect? — have not led to the topic of Hobbies students.

— Of course, must be flawless! — smiled LADIES. But it will always be wrong, he added without a smile.

— Do you counsel your subordinates? — not behind the annoying schoolboys.

— And how, every day! And if their opinion differs from mine, I analyze their position, and then spend my life in your decision. But if without jokes, he continued, catching the excitement in the audience, of course, listen to all positions. But the leader’s responsibility is to enforce its decision, if he is sure he is right. The head necessarily need responsibility!

Were you going to school? — asked the girl Alain.

First loved, and then, at a certain age, no, — suddenly said the Premier. — Never before did not mention it, but I tell you what: in 10-th class in one of the subjects (I will not say what!) I even had a “deuce” in the quarter. But I realized that it is necessary to collect will in a fist and to clean up. And smoothed: graduated from high school without even “triples”!

— Is there a difference between leaders of men and leaders-women? — continued to step on the Lady girls.

— All the leaders are women better leaders than men- instantly reacted the same.

— Well, in General, whether the head be good?

— He just has to be a villain — wickedly sparkling eyes and teeth. It is necessary to lead calmly, without shouting. But the leader must take full responsibility for their decisions. The most difficult decisions that I have made? About war and peace during my presidency. And economic — during the Premiership. And they all leave marks in the shower — you keep coming back to them, they analyze whether the rights…

— Can the head turn off your phone and not be constantly connected? — sensing the imminent end of the conversation with the Prime Minister, asked the students.

I would be glad to do it, but I can not, — he sighed. — I have a government connection, and it does not shut off. So call! I wish you all to become successful leaders! Only the special books on this subject to read is not necessary: the more I read such literature, the more porridge in the head. It is best to read Russian and foreign classic literature. And succeed!

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