Medvedev found the crooks to impose new restrictions on credit cards and e-wallets

It seems that Russian crooks the Federal government slowly but surely cornered. And the only thing left to finish our economic enemy in its lair. One of their latest drops (but far from last!) in the fight against bribe-takers and those laundering money acquired by criminal means, will be the intention of the government to ban money transfers to anonymous Bank cards and electronic wallets.

photo: pixabay.com

On 12 October, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a Cabinet meeting. In his opinion, using anonymous transfers of laundered money and bribe. According to him, the practice of cash withdrawals from such Bank cards and anonymous e-wallets “does not correspond to civilized approaches.” And “to trace the ultimate recipient virtually impossible”.

– The movement of money must be absolutely transparent, meet the requirements of the Russian legislation and conventions on combating money laundering, – said the head of the Cabinet. – Therefore, the withdrawal of cash from anonymous cards or the wallets will be banned.

The proposed changes in the near future will introduce in the Federal law “About national payment system”.

October 9, the government Commission on legislative activities approved the bill. It provides that the balances of individuals on an anonymous card can be transferred to a legal entity, individual entrepreneur, and also on account of this individuals.

Now with anonymous cards, which do not require identification of the customer is allowed to withdraw up to five thousand rubles per day and 40 thousand per month. To withdraw money through a simplified identity can be, and with personal accounts of subscribers in ATMs.

In fact, the turnover of such means of payment is not very large, as we have said, to 40 thousand rubles a month. Therefore, to assume that such a ban, any serious will affect the bigwigs of shadow business. So we know what scandals erupt periodically in the financial field.

– I do not think that this measure will significantly reduce the level of corruption in our country, – said Vasily SOLODKOV, Professor, Director of the Banking Institute of HSE.- Rather, it is the “why to we have to ban.” After all, who wants to give or take bribes, he will find a way to do it. As said Ostap Bender, there are 400 relatively honest ways. As you know, we have still not investigated the case with the transfer of billions of dollars to mysterious accounts in Panama. So, by and large, the front of the fight against corruption lies in a different plane.

One can only hope that after this, albeit not as significant a measure, the government will take other steps. To have to hunt for a large shark of criminal business.

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