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The launch of the new season, the battle for the super Cup and the draw for the European competitions with the participation of three of our ambassadors – the three pillars on which virtually all last week kept the national information and football field. However, there was a place for reflection and other resonant topics.


Ukrainian football returned to the big field. Opened the campaign-2017/18 match for the super Cup, which fought the Donetsk “Shakhtar” and Kiev “Dynamo”. Battle of giants preceded the championship of the Premier League, which started the next day with four matches. There immediately came the sensation – the participant of group tournament of League of Europe “the dawn” in his field yielded almost sunk into oblivion in the offseason “Began” (0:1).

However, the main attention of the football public during the week was focused on “klasyczna” and around it. It is worth noting that the organizers of the match in Odessa with their tasks, in General, managed. They were able to lure the viewer into the stands and create excitement around the upcoming event.

“We will have two promotional areas. One promotional zone will be located right on the square in front of city hall, there will be contests, Raffles, will be a big screen installed, you will be shown the slicing of the matches a lot more interesting. The second promotional area is located in Arcadia. There will be more musical entertainment show, from DJs, ending with competitions associated with football, with the Premier League, the English Premier League. There will be contests, there will be raffle tickets. Each promotional area will be established point of sale of tickets that a person could purchase a ticket.

Wednesday will begin to run on the city’s DJ CT. There will be music, flags, football promotion, the machine will stop, the tickets will be drawn. And on this machine will also be point of sale of tickets. We can say that Odessa will drive mobile cash”, – told about the pre-match events, the President of UPL Vladimir geninson, the TV channel XSPORT. (Xsport.ua, 11.07.17).

In the end, the stadium “Chernomorets” was actually filled to capacity. However, it was not without a spoon of tar. However, it concerns directly the participants of the match, namely the chief referee Igor Zhabchenko.

On the eve of the media has actively exaggerated the information about the presence of Russian citizenship to the referee based on “the Peacemaker.” It contains information about the suspects Donbass and the Crimean separatists, as well as foreign citizens who supported them or supported. The base of “the Peacemaker,” being a public organization, including, is a guide for law enforcement agencies of Ukraine. They are using the data provided, control of the attempts of traitors to call in and suppress these actions.

“The game in April last year at a meeting of the referees Committee of Ukraine in the presence of numerous witnesses publicly confirmed the information about the presence of Russian passport, saying that currently live without him in Crimea is impossible,” – reminded Dynamo.kiev.ua (14.07.17).

The consequence of this pressure was the statement of a disgraced judge in which he requested to remove him from the match.

“Understanding the strong pressure exerted by the media on the issue of the so-called dual citizenship, as well as to avoid risks related to public order during the match for the super Cup of Ukraine in Odessa”, – quotes motivation Zhabchenko Ua-football.com (14.07.17).

As a result, the referees Committee of the FFU made the decision to replace A. Zhabchenko referee Konstantin Trukhanov, which, despite the suddenness of the appointment, cope with their duties on a proper level.

As for the football performance, it ended with the predictable ending in the press – with the victory of “Shakhtar” with the score 2:0.

“For the match “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo” came from different “backgrounds”. Ukrainian champion for the past season constructed a stable game engine, in which each element understands its function. Moreover, the whole team was above level. Oddly enough, the incomprehensible defeat of the “young boys” and “salty” only tempered miners. The coaching staff took into account their mistakes and are now trying to prevent such. Finally, the Donetsk club got rid of those players who because of age or just stop in growth, can’t go forward with the team and to solve serious problems.

Kiev, are at the other extreme of preparedness. The new coach, who returned from loan players, which we almost have forgotten, General, reset and revaluation. In such a situation, the clear favorite seemed “Shakhtar” and “Dynamo” with a new steering wanted to see not even the result of a search. May be the desire of the search or the beginning of this desire…” – tried to perform state rivals Dynamo.kiev.ua (15.07.17).

However, the arguments of the site by the majority of colleagues were not accepted.

“The easiest and most important conclusion – “the miner” is coming to the season absolute favorites. In the background is not the most convincing performances of the miners in sparring it seemed that the successful performance of Kiev could return the intrigue. However, no global changes in comparison with the previous tournament should not wait. This “miner” must bring this “Dynamo” of 10 points or more. Unless, of course, not satisfied with the sale during the championship (from what?). Even without Fred’s team looked head and shoulders above the level of thought and quality of pass. This is especially surprising, because “Dynamo”, the idea must be in the best shape the team to start in Champions League qualification after 10 days. …Or is it the load “Lobanovsky” – fall and “Dynamo” will fly?” – perplexed Ua.tribuna.com (16.07.17).

“Justice victory “Shakhtar” generally is not subject to any doubt. Miners were stronger, in fact, on all counts. Even in the amount of technical and tactical actions they have surpassed the players of “Dinamo”, although all the alignment of the difference in skill of the people of Kiev had to compensate for just activity. The biggest disappointment from the game “white-blue” – their actions after the break. The team emerges from the locker room to win, but can not take the opponent to the ball. What is the matter, the strength, or ability, to deal with later. In matches, for example, with the Swiss “young boys” – echoes Zbirna.com (16.07.2017).

However, in the camp of “Dynamo” reign of working purely in the mood. After the defeat, the team and the coaching staff did not lose heart and do not sprinkle ashes on his head.

“This is only the first match of the season, our main games are still ahead. The first game was a little bit nervous. Something we got, some don’t. The team did not stop there. Sorry, there were no errors. But we are entering new season with optimism. We need to calmly to see everything and to get rid of these errors,” – said at the postgame press conference coach of Kiev Alexander Khatskevich. (Fcdynamo.kiev.ua, 16.07.17).

And captain of “Dynamo” Andriy Yarmolenko, agreeing with the coach, I noticed an interesting detail:

“We need to help the coaching staff. Not all of us need to work. You need to analyze the game and work on. As a rule, who wins the super bowl, then losing the championship. Let’s hope that this trend will be continued”, – quotes the words of the striker Football.ua (16.07.17).

Indeed, statistics show that only five cases out of 13 the holder of the first title of the season won subsequently main. However, all this level of conversation and speculation.

Much more serious in front of the Kiev club, the issue of the fans. Because of the antics of the ultras “Dynamo” has already punished the closest match without spectators (in the opening round against Chornomorets). Now, after throwing firecrackers on the field in Odessa, the penalties to the “white-blue” can be tightened.

“We tried to make the occasion. But there are a small number of people that tried to thwart it. The club will again be punished, unfortunately. He is responsible,” – said the Premier-League President Vladimir geninson in the comments Terrikon.com (16.07.17).

Unfortunately, the history with the unruly behavior of the fans did not start in Odessa and, apparently, hardly ends there. Moreover, taking into account the upcoming Champions League final 2018 in Kiev there is a threat to discredit such antics Ukraine in General. Therefore, all the authorities, football and legal, must work together to prevent negative phenomena in the stadiums. You can combat this security during EURO-2012 the proof.

And in our age of technological progress and certainty of time and place of the possible offenses is not difficult to get a clear video confirming the fact of violation. Several public processes and provocateurs will seek other sources of income. For any stadium to host a professional team, should be a mandatory norm to have video recording stands and approaches them during a match. Here is the truth, this has long been the story told, but until the case is done…


Interestingly, following the broadcast of the super bowl channels “Football 1/2” launched at TRK “Ukraine” documentary with the pretentious title: “EURO-2012. Ukrainian pride”. The show was timed to the fifth anniversary of the holding of the continental championship in Poland and Ukraine.

“The film is about how the Ukrainians have done the impossible: brought and held in our country, a fantastic European championship in football. Who forged our success, what a Titanic work has been done by our countrymen and what was left behind the scenes of a historic event for Ukraine – watch the film own production”, – reads the announcement on the official website of TV. (Footballua.tv, 15.06.17).

Naturally, the authors of any film are entitled to their vision of an event. Including such large as the EURO 2012. But then the audience will judge the picture based on the high criteria, which are claimed by the creators. The first thing that caught my eye, this is a clear attempt to club TV of FC “Shakhtar” to interpret the historical facts purely through the prism of corporate interests.

In the end, throughout the picture not heard a single word about those who really “brought and held” the championship. But all the narrative after the Chronicles of Cardiff (and, in the frame basically flashed the representatives of the Polish side) smartly slid to the Donetsk-Kharkiv “feat”. And the main “national heroes” event appeared: the then Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov, the IOC Director in Ukraine Markiyan Lubkivsky and… the President “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky (in the role of an investor of EURO 2012).

However, it is sufficient to recall a very resonant event a decade ago to understand the “editor’s choice”. In 2010, the same channel is actively untwisted information campaign with the participation of the same people for the early shift Grigory Surkis from his post as head of the national Federation. All this happened at a time when, thanks to the Surkis has already been completed all critical of UEFA, and it became clear the EURO will be held. It was then that the Donetsk-Kharkiv initiative group decided to take the credit.

But, thanks to the intervention of UEFA and FIFA, the plan “racketeers” failed miserably. However, the idea, obviously, is not dead – the movie is just like another try to realize their old dream. Therefore, we again heard the screen polypragmasy the story of the “Herculean efforts” self-styled heroes.

Although, five years after the great festival of football is hardly a representative of the football environment who do not know the name of the “father” of EURO 2012. Since then, even from the mouth of the defendants in the film: Michel Platini, Martin Cullen, Viktor Yushchenko, Serhiy Bubka, Vitali Klitschko, the representatives of the Polish side, including the President and Vice-President of the country, repeatedly sounded words of gratitude to a particular person, which “Shakhtar” TV deliberately left overs. Platini and all publicly stated that if not for Grigory Surkis, Ukraine would not see EURO 2012.

“The chief of UEFA is very seriously acknowledged from the stage: “Never, Ukraine and Poland would not have received Euro, if not for one man – the President of Federation of football of your country Grigory Surkis”, – cited the words of the French weekly “Football” (07.09.2009).

This is the real story of getting the tournament, which knows the whole football world. And attempt to rewrite it by means of a corporate film that looks native in Donetsk. Moreover, it once again showed that the club TV channels, Shakhtar’s big whale to distort the reality through the “orange and black” veil their interests. However, this “masterpiece”, probably, became a spiritual balm for the management of FC “Shakhtar” and his loyal fans. And maybe offered to the viewer “hybrid truth” and was assembled exclusively for them?

On the other hand, if you think in terms of narrow club interest, then you shouldn’t have to take up the analysis of the project of EURO-2012 on a global scale. In the end, it was possible to talk about a specific part of a specific people and a specific segment of the training. Then it would be honest. Including in relation to their admirers.

And the output was nothing like pure water “kiselevschina” – is what the Russian TV for many years in relation to Ukraine and the events taking place in our country… it Seems no coincidence that this “creation” is not found rave reviews in the media space. Except, of course, the “Footballs” with their six-time repeat for three days.


The day before the resumption of the competition on the Ukrainian arena for our envoys began a new European Cup season. Last Friday, three of the five Ukrainian teams learned of their first opponents. Two Shakhtar and Zorya – has secured the right to start directly in the group stages of the Champions League and Europa League. Accordingly, the “rarebits” they will only in the end of August.

So, in the UEFA Europa League third qualifying round will start by the debutant of the tournament “Olympic” and the last participant of the drawing “Alexandria”. Unfortunately, neither the team nor the Alexandrians were not included in the sowing. The charges of Roman Sanzhar likely to be among the seeded was not close. But the team of Vladimir Sharan could there be prescribed, if in the first round flew two more of the club from among the seeded…

However, the draw was favorable to the Ukrainians. Theoretically, their opponents could have had, such as the bison, like AC Milan, Everton, Atletico, PSV, Marseille, with Bordeaux, or “Galatasaray”, “Fenerbahce”, “Freiburg” and “Panathinaikos”. But it was not so scary.

Olimpik got the Greek PAOK, and “Alexandria” will fight the winner of the “Astra” (Romania) – “Zira” (Azerbaijan). The first match between them ended with the victory of the Romanians with the score 3:1. An interesting detail is the “Astra” took in the championship, only the sixth place, but the rejection of the “Cluj” allowed her to enter the competition. But, this is additional information for the coaching staff of the Alexandrians.

“Yes, while in the favorites of the Romanian “Astra”, which in the first fight won the “Siri” – 3:1. Although I wouldn’t discount some of the Azerbaijani club, he still has chances of success. We have, I think, the normal the lot, but still – to overcome the third qualification, you will need to exert maximum effort, and my players must understand this, since test matches are one thing, but the official is another. But who would the “Alexandria” in the end neither got, our next goal is the playoffs round of the Europa League,” commented the results of the draw Volodymyr Sharan. (Zbirna.com that 14.07.17).

Much more cautious were Roman Sanjar. However, his opponent was the “Olympic” got mastite and stronger.

“PAOK are now on view. He won the Greek Cup, the silver prize-winner of the championship. So, I think we will not have problems with information on this team. In PAOK have players not only Greece, but the national team of Ukraine. Not the last role in this team plays Eugene Shakhov. Also there are stands and well known to domestic fans of football Leonardo De Matos.

In General, the “Olympic” will be a difficult confrontation. But in any case we will put a task to reach the next round of the competition, so take this opportunity to invite the fans to come on July 27 at the Dynamo stadium and be our team’s 12th player,” said the coach of the Donetsk team, which is in agreement with the leadership of the Kiev “Dynamo” will play home matches at the same stadium. V. Lobanovskiy. (Zbirna.com that 14.07.17).

“With pleasure will play with “Dynamo”. This arena I’ve always liked – there’s a pleasure to play. Remember that for playing for Arsenal. As to the “Olympic”, then he has some sort of special collective aura. Every six months there is changing half of the team, but does not make it worse. Always shows a specific pattern of the game,” gave credit to the opponents and the Ukrainian footballer of PAOK Eugene Shakhov. (Matchday.ua that 14.07.17).


With the draw at Dynamo Kyiv, which will start in the third qualifying round of the Champions League, it was a lot easier. The team of Alexander Khatskevich came into the tournament on the Way League (as Vice-champion). However, she was seeded for the highest rating among equals in rank, and received in potential opponents five opponents – the Greek AEK, Turkish “Istanbul Basaksehir”, Romanian “Steaua”, the French “nice” and Swiss “young boys”.

The lot indicated on the Alpine club, who last year visited Ukraine and not without success. Last drawing of the Swiss at the same stage of the tournament standing in the way Shakhtar Donetsk, beating the miners in the penalty shootout (4:2), after the rivals exchanged home wins (2:0).

“We all remember how last year the “young boys” knocked out of the Champions League Donetsk “Shakhtar”. But this is an old story. Every match is a new stage. Time passed, and we will have a story. It is clear that details this opponent we have not had time to ask. But tomorrow, “young boys” will play with Portuguese “Benfica” in a friendly match (5:1 in favor of the Swiss – approx. V. J.), and 22nd July, starts in the Swiss championship, so get them on visual information.

Preferences? All the opponents were worthy. On the draw we can not influence, therefore the subjunctive will not use. There are “young boys” – a specific command to the games which you need to be prepared the 26th of July and 1-2 August. The challenge before us is to get to the group stage of the Champions League, we will try to fulfill with the opponent we have,” – said the coach of “Dynamo” Alexander Khatskevich. (Fcdynamo.kiev.ua that 14.07.17).

With the Belarusian specialist could not agree more. In the intervening period changes have affected not only the “white-Blues”, where the main was a reshuffle in the coaching staff.

“Young boys” became much weaker than the spring sample, losing the main goalkeeper, Mvogo pulled a penalty shoot-out against Shakhtar, a strong holding midfielder Zechariah (Zechariah became the most expensive transfer in the history of the “Young boys”, breaking the record of Seydou Doumbia when he was seven years ago moved to CSKA) and main left back Necaxa (Leshakov). But this in no way means that “BU” is passed to “Dynamo” option. Remember the matches a year ago with “Shakhtar”, which was considered the clear favorite, and that our teams, including the Dynamo, matches with teams from Switzerland are almost always very difficult (“Tun”, “ksamaks”)” – informs and warns the weekly “Football” (13.07.17).

Not in a hurry to admire a lot, and chief editor Artem Francs. At its conference on the website MatchDay.ua it also calls for caution, mindful of the “Swiss complex” in Kiev:

“Bad choice, and even the first leg at home. But what a plot – for a long time to prove that in absentia stronger than Shakhtar, and to hell (or come here depending on the outcome) coming face-to-face encounters.

What to say seriously… “young boys” lost a number of leading players (goalkeeper, Mwogo, Zakaria and Lecjaks) and nominally became weaker, but these teams manage to recover very quickly and to present new surprises. Moreover, it is impossible to forget about the Ukrainian-Swiss complex, although it is quite intangible thing. Time after time begin to throw their hats and get… get Bad.

However, Alexander knows better. Here there can be no relaxation in any approximation. To grieve? In the end, “nice” would be much more unpleasant option – regardless of the beauty of the city and the sea.” (Matchday.ua that 14.07.17).

Indeed, according to Ukrainian media, the French version was considered the most brutal. Do not hide it in the “Dynamo”. In particular, the President of the Kiev club Igor Surkis admitted that for him “nice” stood in the quintet potential opponents apart.

“In this round of qualifying all potential rivals “Dynamo”, but “nice”, was about the same level. If we want to play in the Champions League, should set themselves the task to reach “young boys” and gradually move on. The team on the task know now, we should do everything possible to get into the Champions League”, – concluded the head of the Vice-Champions of Ukraine. (Fcdynamo.kiev.ua that 14.07.17).


The initiative of the Committee of arbitrators FFU. Head of the Committee of arbitrators Luciano Rays has announced an interesting innovation that since the beginning of the new season will act on the Committee’s official website (referee.ffu.org.ua). Namely, the regular appearance here of the explanations of the play and of judicial verdicts during matches at Ukrainian arenas.

“When the need arises, the Committee will argue adopted by the arbitrators decisions and to give an official version of interpretation of certain game episodes that need further clarification,” said the Italian at the meeting of referees and assistants of the Premier League and the FFU management in the capital House of football. (Dynamo.kiev.ua, 11.07.17).

The Champions League final in Kiev. At meeting of the constant Commission on the budget the deputies of the Moscow city Council supported the draft decision on approval of the contract on holding the final match of the Champions League -2017/18. In accordance with the agreement between UEFA and the Kiev authorities, the city has pledged to hold a solemn reception in honor of participants of official delegations, to organize all activities that are associated with locations, and ensure proper appearance of the city. We are talking about decoration of Kiev UEFA symbols and flags in the style of the final image of the players of four teams. According to preliminary calculations, it will cost 25 million.
“The experts considered that the city it will cost 25 million. And it’s not 200 million UAH. we had allocated for the organization of Eurovision. Other expenses for UEFA. On the revenue side: we are expecting 150 thousand foreign tourists, each of whom on average will spend 100 euros per day. After all, they will live in Kiev hotels will eat at restaurants of Kiev. So multiply the number of tourists on their expenses and for the 4 day stay in the capital. This is a considerable sum, which will go into the economy of Kyiv”, – said the Chairman of the constant Commission of city Council concerning the budget Andrei Wanderers. (Censor.net.ua, 11.07.17).

The exhibition “Dynamo” Kiev – the symbol of Ukrainian victories.” In the beginning of the month in one of the exhibition halls of the National Museum of history of Ukraine its staff in conjunction with the Kyiv club has collected a number of unique exhibits, photographs, cups and much more, making a real gift to the people of Kiev and guests of the capital in the year of the 90th anniversary of the leading football brand in the country – “Dynamo” (Kiev).

Because the exposure caused a stir, a joint decision was made to extend its work for the past week.

“Our exhibition aroused great interest among the visitors, many asked her to continue, because now is the holiday season, and not everyone can visit it. So we decided to meet them halfway. Glad FC “Dynamo” agreed to this, so the exhibition will be available to visitors during the week. Perhaps we will have some event devoted to the 90 anniversary of “Dynamo”. It would be wonderful if he visited the veterans of the club or the players of the current squad.

…Fans came from England, were the Germans, the Chinese, even the Americans from the United States, they took a lot of pictures. It was interesting to see such prominent trophies, a Cup winners ‘ Cup. Also we received enough and Ukrainian visitors – people who once worked at the club, veterans, employees of the club Museum. Telling interesting stories about how some of the exhibits got there,” said one of the initiators of the project, researcher at the Department of the history of independent Ukraine, NMI Alexander Lukyanov. (Footclub.com.ua, 10.07.17).

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