Media: named 7 factors affecting the likelihood of developing cancer

The British edition of the Express is called the seven factors, in varying degrees, associated with the probability of occurrence of cancer. As stated in the message, the information is based on scientific studies conducted by various scientists in recent times. The authors note that, although genetic factors largely affect the development of the disease, to the list they were not included.

photo: pixabay.com

Allegedly, with the development of cancer can be linked to Smoking — we are talking, primarily, about lung cancer, however, it is alleged, cigarettes may affect the likelihood of several types. Also, experts remind that sometimes Smoking can cause the development diseases of the cardiovascular system. Alcohol abuse, according to the authors, will lead to the development of several types of cancer. In particular, according to the report, alcoholic drinks threaten the liver and pancreas.

Another risk factor is named obesity — it is assumed that an excessive amount of excess weight can adversely affect the cells of the body . In addition, even if not to take into account the factor of weight, as two important measures to reduce the risk of the disease scientists call a sufficient amount of physical activity and healthy eating.

Two factors, unlike most others, have no direct relationship to a healthy lifestyle. As one of them is an excessive amount of time spent in direct sunlight on a hot day or in the Solarium. It is alleged that an excessive amount of ultraviolet radiation is dangerous for skin and can destroy its DNA.

Finally, the seventh factor named infection. In particular, it is reported that threat are certain types of human papillomaviruses.

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