Measles in Ukraine to 2018: when are immunized against measles – the most important rule

From 28 December 2018 and 14 March 2019 measles in Ukraine fell ill 32 939. With the beginning of the year died of measles 14 people since the beginning of the flare 36.

In the blog for “24” Olga Golubovskaya said, when is the best time to be vaccinated against measles and how to fight it.

Measles is a fairly serious infectious disease, accompanied by changes in several periods of the disease, long flowing in the human body (it’s not the flu, where after three to five days, you can already recover) and has a number of severe complications.

Measles is a very contagious disease and most prone to risk of severe measles children under 5, adults over 20, pregnant women and people with any immunodeficiency States.

Measles – what is it?

Infectious disease transmitted from an infected person to a healthy droplets, ie, when sneezing, coughs or talks. The measles virus can live in the air and on surfaces up to two hours.

In order to properly determine whether a person has antibodies against measles or not (he can carry a disease at a subclinical level and do not know about it) must make a blood test (anti measles IgG).

When are immunized against measles


• Measles vaccine is made once in 1 year and again in 6 years. If, for various reasons, vaccination is not produced, it is done to children at any age, but better – twice (on the first introduction antibodies are formed in 85-93% of people) and the interval between vaccinations at least 28 days.

• If you are planning international travel, especially in countries with a high prevalence of measles, vaccination is recommended starting at six months of age (6 to 11 months – once).

• Also carried out emergency vaccination to non-immune children during the first 3 days after exposure measles.


• Respectively for adults you can recommend in the following cases:

• Students after school without proof of immunity against measles.

• People who were born during or after 1957 who do not have evidence of immunity (presence of antibodies); they need to do at least one dose of the vaccine.

The adult uses the same vaccine for children.

To vaccination is contraindicated?

• People with life-threatening allergic reaction to neomycin or other vaccine component, which emerged at the initial introduction;

• If a person is sick at the time of vaccination, it should be postponed until recovery;

• Pregnant women; in addition, you must avoid pregnancy for 4 weeks after vaccination.

What you need to know about measles: watch the video

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