May holidays in “LC”: you cannot feed, but can be deceiving

Say what you will, but life in the “LC” is in full swing. And if you’re a state employee, be sure the long weekend will not go past you.

You are unlikely to go to Egypt – there is simply not enough money. But you’ll be involved in the procession of labor collectives May 1, the action “Immortal regiment” 9th and some movement to the 12th. But between these holidays are already on their own initiative you can participate in the many events that are very rich “Republic”.

Recently has summed up the results of children drawing contest – the initiator of this event was the trade unions “of the Republic”, and the subject of occupational safety. That is, the child had to show that he understands the safe production and labor protection. And in local news sounded the comment of the leader of the local trade unions Oleg Akimov about this contest:

In the drawings, the children showed different methodological approach to the security issues of labour protection at enterprises of different forms of ownership.

EKO said, right? Not just drew daddy with his helmet, and enterprises of different ownership forms. And it is in unison with the words of Oleg Akimov I heard a dozen words collected almost in the same sentence: relevant, valid, briefing, supervision and team leaders. Yes, it was not fashionable training or an interview. It was all the same Lugansk, where someone is looking for cheaper potatoes, and someone, pushing hands, horizons, speaks of validity and relevance.

Lugansk is more like a city of contrasts, because in the luxurious restaurant “Caucasian yard” for the holidays occupied all floors and landings, and along with it someone dies in the transitions at the Village Lugansk. And for some time now the most real, because now they have a chance to make a career, buy a car, to change lives for the better, and someone is mired in poverty because of war lost my job and health. But in this city of contrasts we are unlikely to see in the Central square of the poor and the unfortunate because on weekends familiar music will sound, coming leaving in circulation in Russia celebrities to create the illusion of a holiday with us.

If you cannot feed all, all can cheat – music, rallies and processions, balls in the air and big words from high tribunes. This deception works for young people, which is happily able to walk in the absence of a curfew, and hearing music, we often believe that everyone around is happy. Probably, local political strategists have long understood how to lead people away from the pressing problems – concerts of Russian celebrities, a salary early, rallies and marches. All that does is richer, but does not give time to think about their problems.

Looking at all this tinsel, spiced with the bright sun, the smells of wild cherry in the air, loud music and fairs find that a lot of people around and they are all happy. You can be sure that after this weekend one in social networks appear pictures of a barbecue near the garage, and someone flies to Egypt or conquer the mount Elbrus. Oddly enough, but both goes well – is a “Republic”, a country of contrasts.

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