Maundy Thursday 2017: omens of wealth, spells and rituals for unmarried girls

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Maundy Thursday


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Maundy Thursday always wore the girls of great importance.

Maundy Thursday falls on the last days of lent during Holy week. In many people waiting to come Maundy Thursday, to clear your house from all evil, and himself of sin. Also, for many years, people from generation to generation transmit signs on Maundy Thursday, and the plots on the love that will be useful to unmarried girls.

It is important to remember that on Maundy Thursday start cooking for Easter, so this day is already starting to bake Easter cakes and to paint eggs in different colours.

Signs on Maundy Thursday money

To your house always had money in Maundy Thursday need to collect all the savings in one pile and counted them three times. The first time before sunrise, the second time at noon and the third at sunset. Thus you will not allow the money to disappear .

In order not to frighten the wealth and money, you should not lend paper money or precious things right after Maundy Thursday. If on Maundy Thursday to rearrange various objects in the house from one place to another, in the course of the year should be no problems with money.

Conspiracy money and wealth on Maundy Thursday

There is one popular rite on Maundy Thursday in money. You pour in a bucket of water and put in the trifle, then wash all doors and Windows in the house with this water. It is believed that after this the entire year the money will be multiplied and multiplied. During the execution of this cash rite on Maundy Thursday need to say: “the Money go – not float, grow-multiply, the enemy does not dosdevices”. After that, we should remove the trifle and put it in the most remote corner in the house for a week.

Signs on Maundy Thursday for marriage

Signs of people say that after cleaning on Maundy Thursday, which could not be ignored, you need to highlight in your house is a place for the groom to let him know that he was waiting for. For example, buy a new pair of Slippers, make a space in the bathroom for the men’s accessories and leave some space in the closet.

On Maundy Thursday we need to take a flower pot and plant in it the seed of an Apple, saying to himself: “Seed, seed, land run! In my house, grooms Zamani soon. Amen! Amen! Amen!”. It is believed that the faster of the land will sprout, the sooner you will marry.

Rites and rituals on Maundy Thursday on marriage and love

If a girl can not marry yourself to sleep from loneliness, you need to perform a ritual on Maundy Thursday for marriage and love. She must bathe, dry off with a towel, then leave it. And at Easter 2016 it will take the Easter cake, Easter eggs and give them to people who beg. After that, the girl will find love. Also single girls need to get up with the sunrise and say: “How bright and red Maundy Thursday, and slave (her name) all will be fine. Amen.”

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