Maundy Thursday-2017: customs and traditions

Clean (Great) Thursday in 2017, all the Christians of Ukraine is celebrated on April 13. This is one of the most important days of Holy week before Easter.
As it says in the Bible, Maundy Thursday is the first of three days which is called “Big trehdnevnoe” in Christianity.
In Thursday Jesus Christ established the sacrament of the Eucharist at the last supper and was arrested by the priests and sent to prison.
The website “24” offers an opportunity to learn a few basic signs and traditions, which can be found on Maundy Thursday in 2017.
Maundy Thursday: superstitions and traditions
Health and beauty
No wonder Maundy Thursday is considered to be one of the most important days of Holy week. Many centuries ago our ancestors have been waiting for this day to perform various rituals that strengthen family well-being and health of all family members for the whole year.
The day it was decided to start with bathing before sunrise, and the process of physical purification was accompanied by various rites: from trimming the hair of girls and boys to different klikany and songs.

Maundy Thursday-2017: signs that you need to know
Interestingly, wash need “silver” – is to throw any silver in water and then wash it. That is why the forefathers believed that such rituals preserve the beauty and health of believers.
Another feature on Maundy Thursday, consider the healing power of salt, which is called Thursday.

Maundy Thursday: the healing power of salt
After bathing, the family members should throw a handful of salt into the pot, to serve as a talisman home for the next year. To increase strength it baked in the oven or sanctified.
A clean house
And of course an important attribute of this day is cleaning the house. On Maundy Thursday we should start and General house cleaning, washing things, taking care of a garden if you have one.
The name of the day “Maundy Thursday” implies not only cleanse the body but also restoring order in your home. It has long been believed that someone on house dirt, and all year he will spend in quarrels.
Our ancestors believed that on Maundy Thursday will help to find long lost things, or cleaning will be able to attract Mr right.

Guessing on Maundy Thursday
For this you need to leave during the cleaning in each room for your favorite things and put new shoes socks towards the house.
There is also a belief that the dirty water after cleaning should not be poured within the home. After all the negative energy that can accumulate for a long time, can negatively affect the future life of your family. So better pour it in places where nothing grows, for example, in rocks or on the road.

Maundy Thursday: do not pour the dirty water at home
In addition, with Maundy Thursday on Good Friday do not leave unwashed dishes and soaked but not washed linen.
It is also useful to bring home a candle that you brought with Church Liturgy – it is able to clear energy at home, especially as her powers grow, on Maundy Thursday.
Regarding food, on Maundy Thursday continues a strict fast, and so many believers do not even allow myself the relief of the post, and observe shoedini without oil and hot dishes.

Maundy Thursday: what you can eat
Also those people who are more serious about lent and Holy week, after cleansing in the morning go to the morning Liturgy in the Church for confession and communion, and before that, do not eat anything.
And another important belief on Thursday, I think cooking for Easter. After cleaning the hosts it is best to start baking Easter cakes, painting eggs and preparing delicious holiday meals that are as still going post till Sunday to taste is impossible.

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