Maundy Thursday 2017: beautiful congratulations to the family and friends in poetry

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Maundy Thursday


Don’t forget to congratulate friends and relatives with a Clean Thursday.

This Christian holiday is celebrated on the last Thursday before Easter. Since this is the fourth day of the great week, he is also called Holy Thursday. According to legend, on this day Jesus Christ washed the feet of his disciples at the last supper, showing that humility and brotherly love. Thus was established the Holy Communion. Performing this rite, believers partake of the bread and the wine, implying that the Blood and body of Jesus. From Maundy Thursday to Easter in all the churches conducted the service, where I remember about the earthly suffering of the Savior. All believers in this day are committed in the temples to partake. With Maundy Thursday begins the preparation for the Resurrection of Christ. In all the houses to bake Easter cakes, paint eggs .

Before Easter, Sacred

Celebrate pure Thursday

To be cleansed from the defilement,

To wash away sin from the heart.

On this day I wish you

From diseases of all wash

From the problems, experiences

Again, spiritually reborn.

Let them fill the house with your joy,

Laughter, luck and prosperity.

That you smiled more often,

That dominated everything in order.

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Maundy Thursday was to bear the cleansing

Let good fortune fills your home

Let along with it will come to you for inspiration,

Let there always happy it glows.

Rinse all the thoughts that the heart is not cute

Let they run away together with the water,

Enjoy life and be loved,

Faith on the heart carry!

Congratulations to the Clean Thursday!

So purely to be let around.

Traditions you don’t break —

House and soul clean,

Give all the warmth and affection.

Coming has a Holy Easter.

Let from dirt, dust, litter

The whole cleansed your house.

Let go of all evil thoughts

With this Pure on Thursday.

That and the sky was clear,

And pure was the soul.

We all felt

As our life is good!

In the day that magnified

I congratulate you sincerely.

Bless you angel bright,

With Thursday you day pryvitne.

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Thursday comes clean,

Doors wider open.

From corners and from under the benches

COP more likely to sweep.

Let him purify the soul, body

Good water.

Easter messy meet —

It is not necessary.

Thursday clean let him deliver

And from ailments and troubles.

Today I wish

Long and healthy years.

Water is clear, clean

To wash all the time

Wash off all the bad

The joy of Thursday.

Let the sorrows disappear

And all the troubles will pass,

Thursday clean today,

All the updates are waiting.

To soul wide open,

That freshness of breath,

To believe and to hope

And continue on your way.

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Today since the morning

Husband pushed: “time to get Up.

How do you not be lazy

Now a holiday — women’s day!”

Maybe, I think, had a dream

In April I went to bed

And fell on the bed…

The husband again: “Time to get up!

Banish your slumber

In an hour I’m at work.

I want to meet with you

The best day ever!”

I woke up once,

Chewing sentence.

Husband, slipped over the threshold,

Shouted: “Wait a bit…”

Here I sit, slightly squeezed,

Remembering that date

Waiting for flowers, a latte in bed…

He opened the door sharply,

Husband from the doorway flies

And with malice gives me

Rags soap powder:

“Honey, with a clean Thursday!”

Before Friday Strastnoy

To pray and to wash away your sins would

At the same time, resentment will wash

Even with soul bruises!

Rarely life top irons,

A judge is not our business,

After all, we can be helped,

Suffering from the sins of the body!

As the stream flows prayer.

Easter — this is the result!

For the love of God live — as the battle,

To stand so everyone could!

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Let purity come to your home

Bestow joy, warmth,

Rings as clean water,

Yes, troubles will wash away forever.

Streams and rivers, puddles, the sea,

Or maybe in the tap water even suddenly

Of delight, of Holiness will be complete.

From anxiety without leaving a trace,

Baths will update you with clean water.

Relatives congratulate to this day.

Success, let the trouble will not throw a shadow on you.

Pure came to us Thursday.

This day can not be lazy.

To get rid of woes —

Clean the house and wash up.

The house will be clean,

And the heart — goodness.

Our lives will be then

To bring us joy!

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Day today so

House need to clean your.

To clean the floor, all dust removed,

All that dirty Laundry.

To restore order everywhere,

Sweep around all the shops.

Myself I do not forget

Soul from sins all washed away.

Today is Thursday clean

Day especially radiant.

With this I congratulate you,

Peace and good wish!

On bathe soon,

Will be more beautiful, nicer, kinder,

Will wash away all the “evil” from the body you immediately

And you Shine you’re like the “diamond”!

Maundy Thursday is so fine,

Be clean — even your soul,

Thoughts seek peace to find,

Spiritually to blossom and bloom!

Honor the tradition of his ancestors,

Live with dignity, without any intrigue,

Self-respect and all who are close

Follow all Orthodox rites!

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With clean Thursday friends,

I hasten to congratulate you, not in vain.

Here we can not relax,

Need to quickly tidy up.

In the husk to boil an egg,

And patterns to cover.

To the feast of the Resurrection,

The house it’s fun.

Congratulations on Thursday,

With a clean, clear, bright day!

I wish you enlightenment,

The purity of the soul, of luck.

Let go of all sadness,

Only a white stripe.

The house lived together

And abundance is needed.

You of smiles and fun

I wish, no doubt,

Kindness and understanding

And mutual attention.

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Holy Thursday knocked on the door to our house,

It’s time to wash away mud circle:

Of dirt that the house, in soul and body,

Discard all that long since wanted!

Truly Pure let it be Thursday

That God released in celebration of every sin,

May He from all troubles and from harm defend,

Health and strength of all reward!

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All the sins today, wash —

Yes, it will be clean!

Fresh build,

Let’s start with a white sheet.

Everything sparkles even today,

Everything shines, everything shines!

The belief in the soul calmer

Let us God for everything.

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