MAU explained the reason for the exorbitant price of tickets

MAU raised ticket prices because of the panic Photos:

MAU has dramatically increased the ticket prices from Europe to Ukraine. This is due to increasing demands and panic.

It is reported by the President of the UIA Eugene Dykhne in Facebook

“UIA has moved away from manual mode of formation of the cost of the flights many years ago and does not intend to return to the stone age. Modern companies are counting the cost of air travel on the same algorithm. Price forms a special system of calculation – Revenue Management System, which eliminates the possibility of formation of the cost of tickets in manual mode. Not MAU took the decision to restrict passenger traffic. The answers to a series of rhetorical questions would help to clarify the situation with rising prices – Who counted the number of Ukrainian citizens, and not only Ukrainian, who want to return to? Who accelerates the panic last chance to go back – only until March 17? Who explained clearly and understandable, how people will get home after that date?”, – says Eugene Dykhne.

The system automatically determines the cost for a particular route in accordance with a number of indicators: turnover, demand for a period of time, and the like.

Digital algorithms analyze the volume of requests for purchase of tickets and list their cost in accordance with the number of users who simultaneously enter into a global reservation system for booking the ticket and creating reservation.

While Eliashberg gave the ticket prices of several European carriers message France – Ukraine, which range from 25 to 35 000 UAH.

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Ukrainians abroad will be able to return to the country after 17 March – the day of cessation of air, rail and bus.

To help the Ukrainians called the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs “FRIEND” (Voluntary registration of Ukrainian citizens) in which you want to register, said at a briefing, the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.