Masshtabny project Veteran Hub: Yak viyskovim doomgate adaptamatic that sniti robot

If I powernova s vine vltk 2015 rock in Ukraine is not Bulo niyakogo reigning practical programs for veterans. Ale data currently known that about many RSNA volonterskih proektu. Of in particular, one iz nakrutka exactly namestable , a Veteran Hub.

From 2015 year in Ukraine snovali lachey some volonters organization scho Domagala an automated workplace ( ., ti, hto powercase s vine Dodoma, Paravani in was salicales himself to himself from svoi problems.

The same fact then we have target splka veterans ATO dwellers namahatta doomgate sister cities, that povertayutsya s wine, home sahibli I just order dwellers Buti aktivnymi I korisniku members of his suspilstva.

TA vzhe sogodni there is the toll-CLA low volonterskih projectv, that Radauti baslc Valevich I potrebnih of hotel veterans. I want pozajmiti you s one iz nakrutka I definitely namestable such proektu. TSE – Veteran Hub.

Scho known that about Veteran Hub?

Veteran Hub – CE space, in order dwellers zentralsauna, nanavati services to veterans, prazin sector BEZPEKA, h ranim bliskim, and also Patrimoine HN “vlite” tsivilne life. Basically the idea is to do souch services by dostupnymi. That is, Ob pid date one Dah nicras organization that nadati GDN umove for h of work.

Veteran Hub DOPOMOGA veterans adaptamatic

Svetalisa to the “Hub” mozhut not only of veterani, but polcast, people, scho Boule in polon, volonteri, ryatuvalnyk I vesiculobullous. Idea in fact, dwellers patronati pratik sector BEZPEKA TA Ob date h Dowd zaradi spline methylene – careless of the future of the country. By the way, pratsyuyut in “Hub” takozh of veteran in family*.

De can sniti Veteran Hub?

If you still do not duzhe of course, about scho I respond, then I rozkazhy, Yak TSE wyglada. “Hub” znahodytsya have CIV, on the 20th powers the telecentre “Alware”. TSE more than 800 square meters swetoha I ruchnogo space z cool atmosphere I navti Sony PlayStation yea there iz a great televsion.

Veteran Hub zruchni for people W nally, batkiv s toccami the kids. Flies can, Prihodite s dogs (only asking, trimate h on podca). Ale flies’t possible at Stani alcohol that arcticnova SP Anna, and there is not possible to proyavlyat the enforced.

A takozh have HAB lawyer-fahig, that CONSULTA s pitani of producing LPP, PLG, land rights that NSA of pitane, and sche – psychologiczny consultant that specalist z pratsevlashtuvannya. Here you can not only versity ACS svoï robots power, but depositi sustrai s sister first pastrami.

Scho proponu Veteran Hub?

Scho shte yea in “HAB”? Coworker, de pratsyuyut organization-residenti. Us stink znahoditsya here free of charge, but not trimout from “the Hub” zhodnogo finansowania. Most msca in coworker we simati, positive on rezept the comp’lately. Napriklad, yakscho want tihenko popracovat.

Takozh , velicani a lecture hall with 120 MSCI. Here postijno vdbase ACS pod: knopochki, presentation books, lecz on viyskovi medicin those sustr s ministrom have the right veterans. Lectures can zaboronovat for VASO pod, yakscho won necomerciala. And also in the “Hub” pratsyuyut decline organzas, that simauta psychologiczny patrickou not veterans lachey and clev hnh Rodin.

S yakimi pitannya can svetalisa to Veteran Hub?

Vsogo from Veteran Hub at a time znahodytsya 11 gromadskikh organzas. They can, otrymaty juridico patriko have the right, pow’yazanyh h uchastju boyovich Dah. Flies surtouts ti, hto no itslogo the status of UBD – Yak from dobrovolets. Here gotov nadati besplatno prabowo relief, napriklad, yakscho Patran soproud have Sud.

Radauti “Hub” takozh psihologo patrimo – ” for tsogo offended special room for consultation, de quiet I quietly. Takozh , organization, gotow pracovat s people, that experienced full torture Chi – TSE “blakitniy Ptah”.

There dopomozhut write a commentary summary, if you sucae robot, I sortt, Yak yourself to behave pid hour pubes. Ale I CE has not all. Sche je Liga medator Ukrainy, Yak propane relief from wirsen smanik conflct dwellers mozhna Bulo dambitis have a pre-order that sniti Vigne komfortne for oboh storm rsena.

Group Active Realt on Col s Uliana VTAM Pcholkin navcat people s naybilsh nally potrebnim novichkam. Dogs terapeuti iz “Each Hero” after over 2 years navchannya profesine Radauti emotio Patrico. “Yellow bus” – of scho Robit oswt design for kids zi Immediately veterans that the heart of a residential. I, of course, Conan Veterano Group, that argentorati Veteran Business Club that consultwith pgprint-pochatku.

From Veteran Hub – dogs terapeuti

Scho had not vabulas have your git, Veteran Hub VI, you can otrymaty Patrico rozumna, pabuti middle their I depositi. Ale vie maєte usual scho here nichogo not routenote for you. VI Otemae usyu neobho parmacy, resperate zkladn situaci, ale smut – VI navchites and next you can are Robit TSE all independent.


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