Many Ukrainian families have purchased housing under state programs in 2018

In the State Fund of assistance youth housing construction reported on their work in 2018 year.

According to the Foundation, last year the state program for the purchase of their own homes have used 751 family. For comparison, in 2017, the figure was 568 families.

Most often, the Ukrainians participated in the program “Affordable housing”, which resumed work in late November 2018. This program was concluded 339 contracts.

What is the program “Affordable housing”? It is a state program that provides for the granting of state support for construction (purchase) of affordable housing. In 2018 after a phase of modernization program was resumed. In the state budget for the year 2018, the program was allocated 100 million hryvnia. The same amount provided in the budget for 2019-th year.

In 2017, assistance for housing under this program received 568 Ukrainian families.

299 Ukrainians took advantage of the program of preferential crediting of youth.

Another 113 households, including the participants of the ATO and environmental protection, budget workers and teachers have used other programs of concessional lending from Kosmologija.

In General, during the operation of the housing programs of the state Fund, according to the Agency, they have used almost 39 thousand Ukrainian families.

In early 2019, it became known that soon Ukraine will have a program for the acquisition of property for lease.

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