Manicure on New year 2019: original ideas for the new year holiday

Manicure on New year 2019: original ideas for Christmas holiday See photos (17)
13:27 Today, Telegraph news of show business: After the girl chose a dress and shoes, decided on the decorations, it’s time to think about what manicure to do for the New year.

It is not easy to come up with a festive design that reflects the personality and suitable to the form of nails. The solution to puzzle you, ladies, will find in this special collection of ideas for Christmas manicures.

If the nail is short, then the best solution is a solid gloss finish gel or Polish. Fashionable and sought after will be shades of natural colors: yellow, brown and green.

Do not forget about the combination of varnishes with different texture, such as gold metallic will be expressive look to contrast with the glossy brown coating.

Owners of long nails don’t have to limit your own imagination .

It is better to choose natural colors, suited to along and corresponding to the wishes of the Earthen Pig.

The main trends of nail design will be points, lines, geometric shapes, Scandinavian designs, which are executed in the technique of “naked nails” when one part of the surface is covered with varnish, and the other is patterned.

Versatile solution for nails of any length was the new Japanese masters of nail art called “Yuki flakes” that seem unusually bright and festive. Tightly plotted, shimmering flakes of various shades form a mirror coating like snow flakes. Depending on the lighting nails change color from shiny black to deep blue, turquoise to purple, gold and scarlet.

This manicure looks amazing in the photo, but the beauty of it is live, a detailed review of each claw.

Another way to create a festive manicure on long and short nails — use pigment cat’s eye, which is unusually good in the colors of the symbol of 2019. Unlimited choice of mustard, green, brown shades will appeal to fashionistas, and earth Pig.

Manicure using pigment cat’s eye is good in itself and does not need additional decoration, but a decoration with rhinestones, sequins or miniature of the picture will not be superfluous.

In the coming 2019 in Vogue include Ombre and gradients is based on a classic French. For example, when the gentle white smile is located at the tip of the nail plate, flow smoothly into rich yellow or brown shades.

French manicure in combination with the rhinestones and the figures on the contour or below it will be a beautiful addition to the holiday.

Every girl at least once thought about creating a vivid, shocking image. New year’s eve 2019 is the right time for experiments. A great way to achieve a stunning effect for a manicure in the style of extreme, created with unexpected materials and creative approach.

Manicure with elements of sculpture, made by acrylic, gel or 3-D modeling clay, fully suited for the occasion and make the look bright and unique. The themes of the decorative elements are very diverse, because the New year is rich with attributes, fits perfectly into the nail design. Bows, birds, tree branches, portraits of Grandfather Frost and snow Maiden, frost will be relevant additions to the evening as well.

Fingers can be decorated with rings, chains and bells. For this nail with a solid coating drilled hole in which is inserted the hanger. This design looks extremely beautiful and, if you use bells, creates a pleasant sound.

Variations with the shape of the nail plate become part of the fashion trends of recent times. Using this method of creating extreme manicure, we must remember that after the holiday will likely have to sacrifice the length of the nail.

The most original Christmas design may be the formation of the nail region in the form of pig’s hooves. But if on the middle finger using acrylic to sculpt the snout, the hands will turn into a cute pig and, of course, will surprise and delight others.

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