Manicure 2019: stylish beige design

Manicure 2019: stylish beige design See photo (18)
10:37 Today, Telegraph news of show business:a Beige manicure can be considered as the base coat for nails like red or black.

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    This season is incredibly popular beige manicure, which can be made in different techniques.

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    Feature of beige nail Polish is that it looks effectively.

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    Beige color is neutral, but in this lies the whole of his thing. It can be safely combined with various colors, creating amazing patterns and effects.

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    Beige looks especially beautiful manicure on short length.

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    Hue is one of the few that can boast to its versatile color palette.

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    A huge variety of designs will be a good option for any outfit in your wardrobe.

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    Tone it can start with almost white or cream and walk to the color of melted milk or peach.

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    Beige has a special ebb: grey; neutral; purple; brown; pink; green; yellow; peach; orange.

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    All these colours are muted and low-key have their own unique undertone. Wide range will not be difficult to pick the perfect Polish for any skin type.

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    To complement the design, we recommend the following shades: white; black; grey; brown; violet; purple; blue; turquoise; light green; green; orange; yellow; red; pink.

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    Manicure in beige tones on short nails can be decorated with anything. Its versatility allows you to experiment with the design.

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    Small iridescent sequins look great on a bodily substrate.

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    Sparkling particles can decorate one nail or they cover only half. To create the effect of real stargazing.

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    Ideas, beige nail Polish are endless. To dilute the solid coating will help rhinestones, beads and metal strips.

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    No need to decorate all fingers. To impart a charm to the one or two will be enough.

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    Add warmth and comfort will help easy to knit design in pale pink or light brown substrate.

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