Maneuvers “Vostok-2018” – the triumph of Putin

Maneuvers “Vostok-2018” the West has called “the triumph of Putin”In the Ministry of defence said: “the exercise will be worked out the questions of application of interspecies military groups in the interests of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation”. Yet there remains the key question: why is this form and why now?…


Why the largest in 37 years of military maneuvers the West has called “the triumph of Putin”

The Author – Ruslan Hubiev

The third Russian army was moved not just…

As you know, since September 11, 2018 in the territory and in Maritime areas of the Far East are the largest in 37 years of teaching all the armed forces of the Russian army. Unprecedented maneuvers involved about 300 thousand soldiers, tens of thousands of armored vehicles, thousands of helicopters, planes and unmanned aircraft, 80 ships of the fleet, and the forces of the allied troops from China and Mongolia.

The defense Ministry previously reported that during the exercise will be worked out “issues of application of interspecies military groups in the interests of ensuring military security of the country” . However, it leaves open the key question of the situation: why is this form and why now?

Background and need

As you know, in the framework of anti-Russian scenario designed by the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union, to achieve absolute military superiority of the United States over Russia was already planned by the 2018-2020 year. Their first step was the withdrawal from the ABM Treaty. Then the implementation of the concept of “prompt global strike” within the environment of the country air defense position area, and, as a consequence, the shift of strategic parity in its favor. To date, Washington has already planned to have the possibility of a unilateral destruction of our country without the threat of a critical for yourself to retaliation.

A nuclear attack of the Americans in Russia a Quote from the/f “the next day”. Dir. Director Nicholas Meyer. 1983. USA

Fortunately, to the final implementation of this strategy, Moscow managed to neutralize the Russophobic plans. The historical address of Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly in March of this year, a demonstration of those weapons, which put an end to the plans of the United States – in July, and finally, the current chain of large-scale exercises across the country allowed not only to maintain the previous ratio of strategic forces, but also to dramatically get ahead by creating such systems, which Americans have not even dreamed of.

In other words, in the field of parity of strategic forces and capabilities of inflicting unacceptable retaliatory strike on the United States, Russia has achieved a breakthrough success. This includes the development of a platform for the conclusion in the space of strategic weapons, cruise missiles with a nuclear engine, hypersonic weapons, lasers, surface and underwater drones, and other things, what the military industrial complex of the Russian Federation confidently walked the Pentagon for two or three generations.

Unfortunately, this applies only to the strategic balance of forces, and as a result may stop a global threat. To solve the problem of local conflicts by proxy or with the participation of its own forces are created by America, these systems are not able to. But the classic weapons and the possibility of other branches of the armed forces of our country completely.

The fragile balance of forces

That is why participation in the present war maneuvers at once about one-third of the Russian army (excluding the reserve), as well as the participation of all types of strategic arms, Navy HQs and the army (including 36 thousand different combat vehicles – tanks, armored personnel carriers, artillery pieces and other things) in the language of geopolitics and called “a clear signal”.

And given that at one stage the Russian army will join thousands of troops of the Chinese parts, it will give him and does the obvious sense. The message the West is clearly reported that at the moment he confronts not only Russia and China individually but also situational duumvirate strongest (in a number of key areas) the armies of the world and the first (for some indicators) the economy of the planet. Moreover, the partnership between Beijing and Moscow has been growing and at a strategic level.

By themselves, the teachings demonstrate not only a message to potential opponents, but also show how serious Moscow relate to the threats that obviously should be expected from losing the world hegemony of the United States. The Kremlin proceeds from the lessons of the past and understands that the instability and economic problems of these countries throughout world history have always solved them at the expense of others, and it dramatically increases the probability of local conflicts. As a result, the army has seen fit to prepare for a real war now, and the Union of Beijing and Moscow to withdraw to a new level, increasing the degree of confidence the two countries and establishing coordination in the strategic sphere.

“We are peaceful people, but our armored train stands on a siding.” Quote from x∕f “Three comrades”. Dir. Semyon Timoshenko. 1935. USSR

The legend of doctrines on the background of the attempts to aggravate the situation in Syria and the Ukraine are also very revealing. Officially, the main objectives of the maneuvers are “checking and undertaking the regrouping of troops over great distances,” that is, to the probable points West organized chaos, “organization of cooperation between the ground forces of the Navy and other branches of the military, and also commanders receive practice in the preparation and conduct of a real war”.


An important difference between the current unprecedented maneuvers from the teachings that have passed earlier, is the fact that they are held in the Urals. This suggests that the European part of Russia, according to the defense Ministry, already strengthened sufficiently.

Indeed, in 2014, Russia first of all was engaged in the Western direction, successfully restored military presence in the Mediterranean and European theater of operations in Belarus there is no hope, therefore, was a powerful Western military district. In addition to the urgent need, this approach was also one of the strategic objectives spelled out in the current Naval and defence doctrine. According to her, within 4 years of the Navy of the country had to provide a sufficient permanent presence in the region.

Exercises of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea

The result is the main base of the fleet in the Mediterranean is gradually becoming a Russian e & p in the Syrian Tartus, it continues large-scale reconstruction in all directions. In addition, Russia already has agreements with several Mediterranean countries about getting needed services for the refueling and minor repair of fleet vehicles.

At the moment negotiations with Egypt, Libya and Algeria on the establishment in these countries, Russian permanent points logistics. All this became possible thanks to the arrival of Russia in Syria, filigree performance and quick adjustment of plans, as well as the U.S. steps that have been taken by them for the hectic and often ill-considered reaction.

The focus of strengthening the defense of the Urals indicates a sufficient level of effort, and that in the military believe created a counterweight to the 6th US fleet at this stage is sufficient. Now we are talking about the preparation of the shield in the Center and East, and the revival of logistics, management experience and actions of the army throughout the country.

Like the Phoenix. Revival

The fact that Russia’s Armed forces and the Chinese army in the course of these exercises coordinate their actions in strategic areas, spoke about how seriously you take the threats from America. The scale and importance of passing maneuvers in the case of negative future developments and implementation of the attempts of the West by proxy to involve Russia and China in a conflict, can be compared with the teachings of 1941.

Then, on the eve of the German invasion of the General staff of the red army was rehearsed script, in which some military acted as the attacker of the Wehrmacht, and the part of the person defending the Soviet Union. The attacker imitated the tactics and strategy of the Wehrmacht, defending the statutes and regulations of the USSR. Conditional Soviet Union lost miserably. As a result of these teachings was a critical insights and in many ways they influenced the outcome of the real-world conflict.

Russia today shows a similar approach in preparation for modern warfare, based on Western methods. Methods of projecting the chaos and conflicts along the Russian borders, or in areas of our state interests. It is no coincidence that the axial objective maneuver is named after “the transfer of large forces and means of warfare“. The prerequisites for such “training” we have really is.

Ammunition of the Russian military. To relocation ready

In addition, the fact that the maneuvers are held in the Urals, allows Russia not to involve observers from the NATO side and to pacify the media hysteria, however, to demonstrate that military power of the country, equipping and readiness of the Russian army for actions are on a higher level of development than anyone in the West expected.

A few years ago the exercises of Russia and Belarus was on the verge of collapse because of the difficulties in the transportation of a single Russian battalion of 500 kilometers. This “old” army was gone 5 days. Today, during the exercises a large part of the logistics state has an exemplary-consistently and the scale of the exercise provided a powerful impetus for the whole country.

11 major bases of storage of military equipment in the far East was seething like a disturbed beehive, reconstruirea and preparing vehicles and equipment every day. Railwaymen work round the clock, conducting the trains and throwing tens and hundreds of thousands of people, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and others over great distances. Technology comes to the place of maneuvers in time, although recently even that was unsolvable task number one. This demonstration is another sobering element for thought over their plans of Washington.

The movement of troops. The crossing water obstacles


In fact,Putin’s triumph” these teachings in the West, is named therefore. After all, if in March 2018 Russia stopped the threat of a global attack on the country, and in July – proved the reality of this breakthrough, now, starting the current maneuvers with scale not seen for 40 years, has demonstrated a willingness to defend themselves in any area of public interest.

Moreover, the format of the implementation of the exercise already carries an important message. In particular, it is no coincidence that the detachment of warships of the Northern fleet, marching to the current maneuvers, for the first time in history and in difficult ice conditions has made it through the Northern sea route.

Carriers of high-precision cruise missiles of Russia, completely unsuitable for the moves on this “water”, accompanied by nuclear icebreaker “50 let Pobedy” icebreaker “Ilya Muromets” literally from the deck handed to us troops in Alaska, a big Hello. The Pentagon this signal is heard. The United States realized that the Northern sea route is now open for the battle fleet, and even if the navigability of its ships technically should not allow them to do it.

Icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”

Clearly Washington has realized that the exercises “Center-2015”, declared West in those days, “vain attempts of Moscow” and “exaggerated threats” were only the first signs of revival of the Russian army. That followed a year later, the teachings of regional scale “Caucasus-2016”, and “West-2017” and finally announced the “East-2018” wiped the last of the smile from the faces of the generals of the Pentagon. And breakthrough, announced on March 1, and the current colossal doctrine altogether sobered even the most “cowboy” brains.

Thus, using such a large force in the East, Russia did not forget to keep under scrutiny and NATO troops. So the Americans did not throw another mischief, Moscow on the eve of the exercise and the expected provocations in Idlib concentrated off the coast of Syria largest since the Soviet era naval strike group.

Its membership has included at least nine carriers of high-precision long-range missiles “Caliber” and an unknown number of submarines. Under the scope of this group contrary to the views of the wider public and is now not only one Syria, and almost entirely all of Europe, the Persian Gulf, the Red sea and the middle East.

Start cruise missile “Calibre”

Warned Moscow of “friends and partners” and other directions. So, on the 7th of September military exercises in the Crimea. Second day – flying anti-submarine aircraft in Japan’s borders, and to strengthen the negotiating positions of Vladimir Putin before the meeting with Shinzo Abe at the coast “Rising sun”, there was a squad of 28 combat ships of the Russian Navy, making the transition from the sea of Okhotsk in the sea of Japan deliberately these days. And so on throughout the periphery of the vast country.

A couple of months ago, the Minister of defense of the United States arrogantly said that US foreign policy is based on the military power of the Pentagon and the us army. And now received a decent answer. Moscow has shown that it has sufficient military power to project and protect their own interests. But, unlike US, she doesn’t threaten any country. Instead, Putin has offered the United States and the European Union cooperation. But the sum of the recent years clearly made it clear: to halt economic and military-technical development of Russia, no one will.




“Vostok-2018”: the most ambitious exercises in the history of modern Russia


Military parade “Vostok-2018”



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