Manafort worked in Ukraine and in 2018 – media

Manafort continued to work in Ukraine. Photo: TSN

The former spin doctor of the Party of regions and the Chairman of the election campaign of US President Donald trump by Paul Manafort continued to address political issues in Ukraine to 2018 after he was sentenced to the prosecution during the investigation of spectracolor Muller.

The court session held February 4, was held behind closed doors, and concerned, in particular, of the charges brought against Manafort in lies the consequence, according to The Washington Post, citing a part of the minutes of the meeting in the case of Manafort

“Prosecutors allege that Manafort continued to work on political issues in Ukraine in 2018, after he announced the charges,” writes the WP.

During the hearing, recorded in the transcript, it was also about the fact that the consultant could lie in the investigation to boost his chances for a pardon.

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Attorney Andrew Weissman said that Manafort able to lie in order to conceal the criminal scheme, and to send the money at the time, as he carried out unpaid work for the campaign of trump.


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