“Man of the year 2017”: Winners in the nomination “financier of the year” (PHOTO)

The winners of the national program “Person of the year 2017” in the nomination “financier of the year”.

Kirill SHEVCHENKO, Chairman of the Board of JSB “Ukrgasbank”

The most significant achievements in Your professional activities in 2017: We did a great job on the transformation of “Ukrgasbank”. If in 2015, the Bank was on 17-th place by assets and a market share of less than 2%, now we are at 4 positions among the largest banks in Ukraine with a share of over 6%. Over the past three years, we never took money from the budget is the only source of capital increase is the profit, which is dynamically growing.

At the conclusion of the Bank from the number of loss-making into profit was influenced by the new strategy of Green Banking and, of course, our cooperation with the International Finance Corporation, which experts share with us the global experience in implementing environmental projects. Jointly we have sold 72 large-scale project, and the total amount of clean electricity will exceed 990 GWh per year. Overall, the eco-loans to businesses have managed to achieve savings of 715 million UAH. and reducing CO2 emissions by almost 761 thousand tons.

Can’t say that this achievement, but it certainly is a good thing, which always warms the heart. We engage our clients to help orphans. They are charity Deposit “Keeper”, and “Ukrgasbank” invest 1% of allocated funds for the needs of 24 orphanages. The clients do not pay this interest is exclusively charitable contribution of the Bank. Here we need to highlight our employees who are on holidays and not only get the children sweets and gifts.

Your “Formula for success”: “Never ask for anything! Never and especially from those who are stronger than you. Themselves and offer themselves will give everything!” (M. Bulgakov)

Who did You dream to become in childhood?: Always dreamed of becoming a. And work at it your whole life.

Do You have a dream that is not yet realized?: Ukraine, which finally will know what they really want and to take the first steps toward this goal!

Saying the word SUCCESS, what sense You put in it?: Success to me is the epitome of a careful, well prepared and clearly implemented the idea, changing the idea of the framework is possible.

Your favourite saying?: “The optimistic dreams come true, the pessimist nightmares.”

What you do not want to spend money?: Things that hinder in the Way.

How (what) do you keep personal savings?: In the national currency at the Bank where I work.

How much money you need to be happy?: Money was never a measure of happiness.

If happiness is not in money, then what? And if after all the money, why not?: Real happiness is in balance, in harmony with yourself and loved ones the opportunity to help others.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I… will turn the Earth”, Archimedes.

Whom in this life You jealous?: Envy is all bad, and in the case of a banker – it kills you as a professional.

What trait is Your biggest flaw?: Demands on himself and consequently with others.

Do You have favorite book?: I have many favorite books. Just to name a few. However, there are a few that every time “open” for themselves again.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary?: Leonardo da Vinci – a brilliant man.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown? That it symbolized?: History shows that “transfers of wonders” in what good does not result. Ukraine has enough of its wonders.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call her?: The name of my daughter.

Imagine that You came to visit the foreign partner asking to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour?: First Kiev, then to Lviv, then – Kharkiv, Odessa and the Carpathians.

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake?: The main achievement is my family, a mistake – perhaps not too good to manage your time.

What is the lesson for You – the best vacation?: Mountaineering, kite-surfing, meditation – anything that gives a maximum concentration goal.

Irina KOLESNIK, Chairman of the Board of PJSC “FIRST INVESTMENT BANK”

Three main events in 2017, Your version: the Anniversary of the Bank – 20 years since the Foundation; Maintaining client base, their position in the market; Attract new customers, which ensured stability of the Bank

Life principles that help You achieve that goal: don’t give up, of all the problems to learn. All that does not kill us makes us stronger. Never do unto others what you want them to do to you.

Who did You dream to become in childhood?: My mother worked in the factory, in the plant. When I came to her, I like large books in which were recorded some numbers… had people with whom the mother held talks, attended by the customers. I decided here would grow up to be like mom! So I went to the Institute of National economy and selected banking. And never regretted.

Do You have a dream that is not yet realized?: I love to travel. Dream – to visit Japan.

Saying the word SUCCESS, what sense You put in it?: You do what you love and that brings you satisfaction, moral and material.

Your favourite saying?: “When in doubt tell the truth”. Mark TWAIN

What you do not want to spend money?: For food.

How (what) do you keep personal savings?: If you’re going on a major purchase, in dollars. The rest – in the national currency, on the Bank card.

How much money you need to be happy?: Don’t know never thought.

Whom in this life You jealous?: My cat.

Do You have favorite book?: Any particular favorite books no. Just love to read. Favorite genres – fantasy and detectives.

What is the lesson for You – the best vacation?: Plant flowers, dig in the garden.

Jean-Paul PIOTROWSKI, Chairman of the Board of credit Agricole Bank, Master in Economics and international Finance

Career: Jean-Paul Piotrowski joined the credit Agricole Group, beginning his career in the Bank “Indosuez” and continuing it in France and abroad (Luxembourg, Saudi Arabia, UK, Poland) in such business areas as audit, General inspection, private banking, corporate, retail banking, consumer lending.

Before coming to Ukraine, he was Vice-President of the Polish Bank Credit Agricole, where he was responsible for the strategic, financial and operational units.

On October 27, 2014 appointed Deputy Chairman of the Board, in November 2014, the chief managing Director of credit Agricole Bank.

24 March 2015: appointed for five years by the Chairman of the Board of credit Agricole Bank.

PJSC “CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK” is a universal Bank owned by one of the largest financial groups in Europe – Credit Agricole Group (France). The Bank operates in financial market of Ukraine since 1993 and renders full range of modern banking services to corporate and private clients. The Bank’s regional network covers all regions of Ukraine and has about 160 outlets. CREDIT AGRICOLE is also partner of the United ATM network “Atmosphere”, which consists of about 1 000 ATMs of leading banks of Ukraine and its own network has about 300 ATM.

CREDIT AGRICOLE holds a strong position in the markets for car loans and consumer credit, successfully promotes salary projects, provides loans for home purchase, takes the deposits on attractive terms, serving payment cards, provides cash transfers and a number of other services to individuals. In addition, the Bank provides a full range of services for business, paying special attention to cooperation with agricultural enterprises.

Reliability and business reputation of CREDIT AGRICOLE confirmed by almost 500 thousand private and 33 thousand corporate customers, who entrusted to him the management of their financial matters.

Thanks to the support of the major shareholder of CREDIT AGRICOLE is one of the most efficient and stable banks in Ukraine.


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