“Man of the year 2017”: winner in the nomination “Leader of small and medium business of the year”

Determined the winner of the national program “Person of the year 2017” in the nomination “Leader of small and medium business of the year”.

Clinic “Oleg Kolibaba” (LLC “Leamed»).

Chief physician, head of the clinic and co-owner Oleg Kolibaba.

Existing at this time corporate awards: Certificates, letters of commendation from the medical Association.

The most significant achievements of Your company in 2017: Brought to the clinic in the TOP 5 in the field of plastic surgery by number of operations. For 2017, we have performed more than 3,500 operations in aesthetic surgery.

The motto of Your clinic: Medicine of the future today.

Who or what is the mascot for Your clinic?: Personnel and team work is the most valuable and exactly what ensures the success of any company in the market.

Life principles that help You achieve your goals: To help people sincerely and look them in the eyes of the world.

What do you think has allowed your company to become a leader? What is your uniqueness?: A system work in spite of all the crisis – and we say to the market “Yes”, all closed – and we say to the market “Yes”, all lower prices – and we say to the market “Yes”.

What advanced technologies are applied in the company? Whether the positive experience of other countries?: Laser surgery is a new word in plastic and General surgery, that allows the adaptability to a whole other level to carry out all our operations and to achieve high results. This is what determines our uniqueness and the ability to be better than others. This is what provides quickly and qualitatively to carry out any operation and minimize complications. This is what enables us to provide fast rehabilitation and give patients positive emotions from visiting our clinic. And the smile of the patient after surgery is most precious to us!

Does the scope of Your professional activities of such a thing as a “Code of honor”?: First health, then beauty.

How a large number of different people to make people think about the success of one company? To give positive emotions to as many people who applied, it means at all stages of the patient feels important and necessary, but once the patient leaves with a smile – he wants to I learned about the company the whole world – and then this process does not stop.

To be successful today is… To go a step ahead, to know very deeply your patient and don’t stop.

Your favourite saying? Many complain of their looks and no brains. (Faina Ranevskaya)

Philosophical and economic question: when your small business becomes big? When the brand starts to work for a company rather than the company brand.

How do you see the future of small and medium business in Ukraine?: Its a must see especially our state and at the state level to create conditions for business development, and we will not fail!

When your company will become a Corporation?: It’s not the title, but in fact – we tend not to corporations, we aim to become number 1 in the market of Ukraine trust their patients to us.

Who of the greatest figures of humanity can be a model and example for Your employees? Winston Churchill – a faith and purpose on the way to victory, despite the lack of faith around people. The identity that changed the course of world war II and history.

If happiness is not in money, then what? And if after all the money, why not? Happiness does not depend on external conditions – it depends on the internal order (Dale Carnegie).

To fill your life with more positive emotions. The luck factor from the fact that earned 2 million dollars is the same as to go out with a morning walk in the dew and greet the first rays of the sun with your favorite people.

What is the pride of your company?: Of course people! Human resource is the soul of our company, without them, our technology will not work. And workability allows for a high level to perform any operations.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled?: Yes – to Make as many people beautiful and happy.


The clinic was founded in 2003 as a multidisciplinary medical center, the focus of which was obstetrics, with outpatient and minimally invasive surgery. The clinic is operated under the name of “Keeper.”

Since 2012, the clinic expanded its activities by introducing the latest technology in laser surgery, who provide medical care at the expert level and to reduce the rehabilitation period. Thanks to this, the clinic has acquired a new stage of its development, expanding their profile.

In the clinic, there were such areas as urology, dermatology, internal medicine, ultrasound and surgery, which has become the main priority.

In 2015 under the name MC “Oleg Kolibaba” the clinic is successfully working on Ukrainian market, providing patients, both outpatient and surgical care at the expert level. It is plastic surgery to date is the direction of the Association name of the clinic.


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