“Man of the year 2017”: winner in the category “entrepreneur of the year”

Determined the winner of the national program “Person of the year 2017” in the nomination “entrepreneur of the year”.

Oleg MAYBORODA General Director of LLC “ukrbud development”

Three main events in 2017, according to Your version:

a) the figures in 55 built in Kiev houses for five years, giving the company the status of leader of the Moscow real estate market;

b) the inclusion of the “ukrbud development” among the best employers of Ukraine;

C) the inclusion in a rating of the best top managers of Ukraine.

Your “Formula for success»: Never make rash decisions, to all be approached from the standpoint of logic and always keep a cool head. Worthy to take the blows of fate. It does not stand on one place and to set new goals and objectives, make plans and constantly move forward.

Who did You dream to become in childhood?: Someone just dreamed of – from the paratrooper of the airborne forces and ending the country’s President. The main thing that for me brings together all the professions in which I saw myself in childhood – a desire to benefit society, to do something meaningful.

Do You have a dream that is not yet fulfilled?: There dream is to bring order to Kiev. To restore all the old buildings, restore architectural monuments in the historical centre of the capital. Since the reconstruction of the princely castle on Castle hill is part of the historical and architectural complex “Ancient Kiev”.

In General want to restore all the old castles of Ukraine, but also to build highways. I think it will give impetus to the development of domestic tourism in our country. And globally – to bring Ukraine to the leaders on the world stage. Make it the locomotive of the whole of Europe – in the agricultural business, energy, defense sector, tourism. To Ukrainians proud of their country, tied his future only with her and not go abroad.

Saying the word SUCCESS, what sense You put in it?: Today, to be successful, you must first be willing to come to success. But you also need to possess the necessary qualities. To be able to take risks, where warranted, to trust your instincts, but soberly to assess any risks, not to lose your head, try to look wider. To set the right goals all the time to raise the bar. And look for the area where it is possible to realize themselves.

Your favourite saying?: “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist in every difficulty sees opportunities.” Winston Churchill.

Who do you think is a model of a successful businessman?: Maxim Viktorovich Mikitaka – the person who made the Corporation “ukrbud” as it is now. This is a man who made himself, without any assistance, in just ten years has come a long way.

Why did you start this type of business?: It turned out that this is the field where I found myself after a rather long and versatile searches. Moreover, it is really a command field, and I’m definitely a team player.

If happiness is not in money, then what?: In friendship, in family, in not possible to change your life principles. And the money is just a tool, though, and live without them will not work.

Keep the phrase “Give me a fulcrum and I… I think I already have a foothold. There are goals, there are objectives, and then it all depends on me.

Whom in this life You jealous?: My son – he is still ahead, and today he has a lot more features than I at his age.

What trait is Your biggest flaw?: The desire to see the best in people. Unfortunately, not all people deserve trust. Some may fail.

Do You have a favorite book?: Two of them. It’s “the Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas and “Steve jobs” by Walter Isaacson. First – one of the best books about friendship, and the second is an amazing story about the thorny path to success one of the most brilliant businessmen in history.

Who of historical figures You could be friends with if I were his contemporary?: With Julius Caesar. I would like to learn from him how to effectively do several things at once.

What wonder of the world You would like to move to your hometown?: Wonders of the world is good exactly where they are. It is better to create in his native city the wonder of the world. And the potential of our people for this, they can create miracles.

If You have discovered a new planet, how would You call it?: Maximus.

Imagine that You came to visit the President of America asking you to show Ukraine. Where would You invite him to the tour?: To Hem, to walk on Andreevsky descent. But if not in Kiev, you ought to give him a tour in the Carpathians – to introduce their stunning nature and numerous castles.

What do You consider your greatest achievement in life, and what is the biggest mistake?: The main achievement is that I found a place where I can truly realize themselves. Where it turns to dream and bring those dreams to life. And the errors, of course, were, and still are, I guess. But I would still reproached, thankfully, was not.

What is the lesson for You is the best rest?: Travel and leisure time in the family circle.


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